Of all the things you can upgrade on your laptop to help it run more quickly RAM is one of the most important. RAM or memory is a small amount of space that your computer processor uses when it’s performing tasks like opening applications and finding your documents. The more RAM your computer has the more instructions it can perform and therefore the speedier it will be.

Every laptop has RAM slots and depending upon the configuration you’ll need to check that these are empty. For example, if your laptop has 2GB of RAM and two memory slots each filled with 1GB RAM chips you’ll need to remove at least one of these to upgrade. If you do have a spare slot you can simply slot the new RAM in without removing the existing RAM.

Installing more RAM is an incredibly simple operation, but there are a few precautions you should take before upgrading. Obviously you will need to turn the PC off, remove the power cord and battery and ensure that you have plenty of space. Static electricity can be an issue so it can be worth investing in an anti-static wristband to avoid damaging your computer or new RAM. The location of the RAM will differ by machine so consult your manual and then open the case, make sure you have the memory lined up properly with the slot and then give it a firm push until it slots into place.

RAM chips are small and sturdy, but you should take care when putting them into your laptop. Make sure that you order the correct type of RAM for your computer. Most manufacturers will have a guide to help you choose exactly the right memory for your computer. For instance, Dell has a handy website that helps you to choose by machine type so you always get the correct parts.

With more RAM in your machine it should run more quickly with applications opening more speedily and it’ll take less time to get stuff done too.