VOXI’s now offering 20GB data for £15 – that's 5GB more than what you'd usually get at that price. The package has everything you’d ever want in a data SIM-only plan. Here’s why.

Although you’re paying for 20GB of data, you get so much more. In fact, it’s pretty much an unlimited plan, but more flexible compared to competitors, while also offering greater value for money.

While £15 gets you 20GB of 5G data for general use, none of that allowance is eaten into when you stream videos or browse social media offer. And let’s face it: what else do we do online?

If you’re a social media fanatic, the plan’s generous Endless Social Media benefit – included on all VOXI plans for free – covers every app you’re likely to use, including WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and Pinterest. What more do you need?

If you prefer streaming video instead, VOXI’s plan has that covered too with its Endless Video benefit. That’s right: you can now binge through Netflix’s Bridgerton guilt-free while on the go.

And it’s not just unlimited access to Netflix, but also YouTube and Amazon Prime Video. Now Voxi's also added TikTok to the mix, which means you can spend all day on the app without eating into your data allowance.

The only thing you’ll need to pay separately is the monthly subscription fees to any of those streaming services, which probably won’t be that difficult given how much you’ll save on data compared to your current plan.

Mobile network Three offers a similar unlimited social media data pass on its 30GB data plan which costs £12 per month, but you’ll be locked into a two-year contract. VOXI’s plans, on the other hand, are completely flexible. You sign up for 30 days at a time, and you can change, pause, or cancel any time you wish.

Three's budget brand Smarty offers 50GB of data for £15, while that sounds like a top deal, it doesn’t include uncapped streaming or social media – which means you'll burn through that allowance faster than you can sheepishly ask the barista for the Wi-Fi password.

As for calls, picture messaging, and texting, that’s unlimited on VOXI’s plan too in the UK. And, if you’re already planning your next adventure in Europe, VOXI’s plan includes Endless Roaming in 47 European countries too – so you can use your plan abroad as you would at home, including social media! 

With so much covered for free, your biggest challenge will be where to use that 20GB allowance in the first place.

Then again, if you’re a big data spender outside social media and video streaming, VOXI has other excellent yet affordable offers too. You can pick up 45GB for £20/month and fully unlimited data for just £35/month. All plans also include Endless Video and Endless Social Media – again, with unlimited TikTok! See all VOXI plans here.

VOXI plans have other perks too. Its monthly “VOXI Drop” rewards customers with freebies and discounts to events like gigs and festivals, top fashion brands, food, and more. You can access the Drops via the VOXI account , or follow @VOXI_UK on Twitter to find out whenever a new VOXI Drop happens. In March, VOXI gave away a free I Saw it First hoodie, along with an exclusive 35% discount code, and a chance to win £1200 in vouchers.

And while we’re talking about vouchers from VOXI, if you help a friend sign up to its plans, both you and your friend also get £20 Amazon vouchers. Your friend will just need to pay their first two bills before the vouchers are sent out. If you think about it, that £20 basically pays you back for the first month of use, and then some – so why wouldn’t you recommend VOXI to everyone you know? We sure would.

Head to VOXI now to sign up for its 20GB Endless Video plan for just £15.