While we’ve already listed our picks for the best exchanges to trade Bitcoin on, it’s also convenient to be able to trade on the move. Sadly, not all exchanges offer an app for this.

We’ve put together our top list of the exchanges that do offer mobile apps, so you can trade anywhere that takes your fancy. 

I feel the need to mention that with the huge influx of people looking to use these exchanges, getting approved for membership might take a while and customer support might take a long time to get back to you if you have any problems.

Best Bitcoin trading apps


Binance is fast becoming the cryptocurrency exchange of choice for many people; it’s growing very rapidly and has a very high trade volume which makes trading very smooth.

The platform is stable, the UI is great and their desktop app is extremely impressive too. Most importantly however, they have very reliable apps for both iOS and Android.

Binance has a wide array of currencies on offer which only helps it’s popularity. The exchange also features it’s own token called BNB which you can buy to then save 50% on your trading costs, which makes this especially appealing for day traders.

When you’re looking for an exchange to do the majority of your trading on, you can’t go wrong with Binance.


Coinbase has been around for a long time, and their mobile app has always received glowing reviews.

Centred around being a Bitcoin wallet, the app provides a safe place to store your coins while ago being able to buy and sell – where as other entries on the list just provide you with mobile access to your exchange trading account.

While this app may lack some of the features of others in the list, it’s very easy to use and a great place to start.

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Cex.io is another fantastic, reputable exchange that offers very robust apps for both Android and iOS.

While CEX doesn’t support as many currencies as Binance, this allows them to be a little more focused and improve their service for the currencies they do have. You’re also able to buy currently directly using a debit or credit card.

The mobile apps are pretty bulletproof and run beautifully, the UI is well designed and using them is a pleasure. If you’re looking for mobile trading on the go, you can’t really go wrong with Cex.io.


Kucoin is the one of the youngest exchanges around, and features coins that other exchanges often will not. This allows for the opportunity to access coins before they hit a wider audience, which can be of great benefit if you’re confident in your decisions.

This is another rapidly growing exchange and one of the few that offer GAS for holding NEO. Their mobile app is solid, although perhaps not quite as solid as the ones offered by Binance or CEX. Regardless, it’s still a great option.