It might sound a bit weird to play games on your watch but with Android Wear it's perfectly possible, if a bit awkward at times. Here are some of the best Android Wear games you can get.

Since a smartwatch screen is very small, the better games tend to be simple with easy controls. The ones we've listed below should work with most Android Wear devices. Check out the best smartwatches you can buy and the best general apps for Android Wear.


The game you've probably played at some point is available on Android Wear. If you haven't played it then it's definitely worth a try. In simple terms, you combine tiles by sliding them in one of four directions. They number add together, but only if the numbers match so it's can be frustrating but also very addictive.

Download 2048

paper craft

Paper Craft

Here's a shooting game that works surprisingly well on a smartwatch screen. You control the little triangle and have to shoot a never ending stream of colourful shapes that come your way. It also supports Google Play Leaderboards so you can take on your mates.

Download Paper Craft

Infinity Loop

One of our favourite puzzle games works on Android Wear. It not only looks gorgeous but it's beautifully simple and effective. You get a pattern of unlocked lines and circles that need connecting together. Simply tap on one to spin it around into the right position, which is sometimes harder than it looks.

Download Infinity Loop


This is a really interesting game which uses both your smartphone and Android Wear watch. You'll look at the watch using the phone's camera for an augmented reality experience (see main image above). You need to, as the name suggests, tilt your watch to roll a ball around to pick-up boxes without falling off.

Download Tilt

Wear Maze

Wear Maze

There's nothing complicated here but you can still have some fun. Wear Maze lets you navigate a ball around a maze using the accelerometer of your watch, so no need to touch the tiny screen. You need to do it within a time limit and there are 25 levels to complete.

Download Wear Maze

Nougat Land

So here's a port of the Android 6.0 Easter Egg, but with added nougat cats – of course. It's basically Flappy Bird on you watch but you've got to navigate the Android Bugdroid through cats. Luckily, there are various difficultly levels.

Download Nougat Land