Microsoft has announced a new tier of the Xbox Game Pass called Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. This will bring together the benefits of Xbox Live Gold and the Xbox Game Pass together into one subscription.

The service will cost £10.99 ($14.99) rather than having to pay for both services separately, saving you some money if you're buying the subscriptions on a monthly basis. Right now, Microsoft is offering the Ultimate Pass for just £1/US$1 in the first month – head to Microsoft to get this deal.

However, Xbox owners can often get deals on their subscriptions that could bring the prices closer together if you pay for a year all at once. It’s always best to shop around and make sure you’re getting the best deal before you buy anything, so do have a browse before you buy anything.

The timing of this announcement shouldn’t come as a massive surprise as the recent confirmation of the all-digital Xbox One S points towards Microsoft disc-less, streaming future.

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