PS4 release date, specs and backwards compatibility

It's been a long time since the arrival of the previous PlayStation, needless to say, gaming fans are champing at the bit for the PS4. So here is the place where we bring you everything you need to now about the new PlayStaion including the PS4 release date, specs, features, functionality and more. See Xbox One vs PS4 games console comparison.

PS4 release date: when is the new PlayStation out?

As expected, Sony has set the PS4 release date in the UK and worldwide for just before Christmas 2013. The exact PlayStation 4 release date in the UK is 29 November 2013. This is the same for the rest of Europe, with North America getting the PS4 slightly earlier on the 15th of the same month. See also: PlayStation 4 price in UK: PS4 deals

How to Pre-order the PS4

Pre-ordering the PS4 really couldn't be easier – Sony has even built a dedicated PS4 pre-order page with links to all the major UK online retailers. Simply go to the PlayStation 4 pre-order page and select the retailer that you wish to purchase the games console via.

The official line regarding delivery of the PlayStations is that they "may be received after release date". This is dependent on "sufficient inventory".

PS4 specs

•    AMD x86-based 8-core CPU and an enhanced GPU
•    Blu-ray, DVD and HDMI output
•    8GB of GDDR5 RAM
•    'Instant On' capability
•    PS4 won't be backwards compatible with old games
•    PS4 users will be able to stream PS3 and older generation games online
•    PlayStation App" will enable iPhone, iPad, and Android based smartphones and tablets to become second screens
•    PlayStation 4 Eye - 1280 x 800 camera (Xbox Kinect style feature)

PS4 Price in UK

The PlayStation 4 is going to hit the shelves in the UK with an initial price tag of £349. This undercuts its main rival, the Xbox One, by a pretty sizable £80 (22% cheaper). The two consoles are offering largely similar functionalities, with the main difference being that the Xbox One comes with the Kinect motion sensor as part of the package, whereas the PS4 requires you to buy this additionally. That said the PS4 price, even with it's Kinect equivalent the PlayStation Eye, will be cheaper than the Xbox One.

PS4 Price in UK

Will the PS4 be backwards compatible with PS3 games?

No, is the short answer to this. PS3 disks or digital downloads will not work natively with the PS4 console.

However, there are plans afoot to offer gamers the chance of a server-side emulation of PS3 games as well as the streaming of PS One, PS2 and PS3 games. A date for this has yet to be set.

Will GTA 5 be out on PS4?

We think so. Rockstar has yet to confirm this, but the GTA game developers have heavily hinted at such a release in 2014, with a note to investors saying that a further GTA 5 release would "help extend the value" of the game.

Will GTA 5 be out on PS4?