The Nintendo Switch is proving a big success and the multi-mode console will be under plenty of Christmas trees this year. Whether you’ve just opened one up or you’ve been playing for a while, here are our top tips and tricks so you get the most out of the Switch.

In this tips and tricks article we’re not going to bore you with the basics like how to use the Joy-Cons on similar. Instead we’re going to show you some of the somewhat more hidden features that you might not otherwise find.

1 - Skip the user select screen

If you’re going to be the only person using the Switch then this will be a real boon. Head to System Settings > Users and switch "Skip Selection Screen" to off.

This way you don’t need to select your profile every time you launch a game or the eShop.

2 - Use quick settings

There’s a faster way of adjusting settings instead of diving into the full menu. Simple hold down the Home button on the right Joy-Con and a small menu will appear.

Here you can put the Switch into sleep mode, adjust brightness, adjust volume and switch on flight mode.

3 - Find lost Joy-Cons 

Since the Joy-Con controllers are detachable and really small, it’s quite easy to loose them. They’re probably down the back of the sofa but Nintendo has added a handy feature to help you find them.

Head to Controllers on the homescreen and click Search for Controllers. As long as a lost Joy-Con is in range of the Switch and have power, tap on it from the list of paired controllers and it will make a vibrate. 

4 - Change the theme

Like some smartphone, you can change the look of the interface between basic white and basic black. 

We prefer the latter and you can do this in System Settings > Themes.

5 - Give your Switch a nickname

Just like your phone or other devices, you can give your Switch a nickname. We’re sure you can come up with something geeky and clever rather than just ‘Joe’s Switch’.

To edit the name, head to System Settings > System > Console Nickname.

Nintendo Switch

6 - Turn off screen lock

By default, the Switch will make you press the same button three times in a row to unlock the device after coming back from sleep mode.

This can get annoying but you can turn it off under System Settings > Screen Lock.

7 - Use parental controls

If you’re buying the console for a child and want to have some control over the usage of the Switch then check out the parental controls on offer here. You can set things like play time restrictions, summaries of play activity and restrict gameplay.

You can do this on the console under System Settings > Parental Controls and you can even download an app to your iOS or Android phone making it even easier to do all this stuff. 

8 - Appear offline and control play activity

If you feel the need, you can set your status to appear offline and you can also control who can see your play activity – perhaps you don’t want people to know how many hours you’ve sunk into a particular game.

Click on your user profile under User in System Settings and select Friend Settings where you can control both these elements.

9 - Change user order

It might be the case that the main user on your Switch wasn’t the first profile to be added. This can make it annoying when selecting the user and it won’t be the default selection. 

Luckily to can change the order so the main user comes up in the first position. Go to System Settings > User > Change Order.

10 - The kickstand is supposed to come off

We do with the Switch had a better kickstand but it’s better than nothing. The thing is that not only does it only have one position, but it breaks off quite easily.

Don’t panic though as it’s supposed to pop off to avoid breaking permanently. You can simply click it back into place if this happens.

11 - Use Amiibo 

If you have any Amiibo figures then you can use these with many of the Switch games. The NFC reader is inside the right Joy-Con controller so tap away and see what happens.

12 - Use the capture button

On the left Joy-Con you'll find a square button with a circle on it. This is the capture button and means you can take a screenshot simply by pressing it. Saved images will be stored in the Album.

You can also long press the capture button to save a video of the last 30 seconds of gameplay. However, this is only available on certain games like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Splatoon 2.