2D stealth-em-up brawler Black & White Bushido has just gotten a massive free update introducing four-player online multiplayer, and to celebrate we've teamed up with retailer Green Man Gaming to give away free copies of the game on PC.

Black & White Bushido is a fighting game with a sneaky twist: you pick a colour (from black and, uh, white), which determines where you're visible on the stages. Stick to your own colour and you're almost invisible, but you'll have to take a risk and break out if you want to attack your enemies. 

It used to be local multiplayer only, but a free update has added the option to play against opponents all over the world, and to mark the occasion Green Man Gaming has given us a giant pile of lovely game codes to give away for the game, which is normally £9.99/$9.99.

In case you haven't heard of GMG, it's one of our favourite alternatives to Steam for buying digital PC games. You'll have to redeem your code through GMG, but once you do, you'll be able to play the game through the Steam app as usual.

To win, you'll need to use the giveaway form below. Simply log in to Gleam to use the entry options. You can choose to enter just once by picking one of the options after signing up below, or you can increase your chances of winning by choosing two or more options.

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Black & White Bushido giveaway

The competition will end at midnight on Monday 29 May and the winner will be notified on Tuesday 30 May. The winner is chosen completely at random by the Gleam widget. The competition is open to UK residents only. Click here for our terms and conditions.