Destiny is still one of the most talked about games, which is pretty impressive when you consider it made its debut in 2014. It was welcomed by masses of PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360 gamers and offered a new first-person shooter from the makers of Halo. Here, we bring you all of the DLC information you need to know - and if you want to know about the game's sequel, head to our Destiny 2 news round-up.

When is the Age of Triumph release date?

Destiny Age of Triumph release date: 28 March 2017

While we thought that Rise of Iron would be the final major update to Destiny, Bungie followed it up with Christmas event The Dawning, which brought a few new features, and has now announced the final final update: Age of Triumph.

The free update arrives in late March, and brings with it the biggest record book the game has seen yet, along with revamped versions of each of the game's four raids. Each will be brought up to Light Level 390, making them a fresh challenge for veteran players, while they'll have some new challenges and loot drops to keep things interesting too - including some brand-new weapons.

The new raids will be introduced one per week, starting with Crota's End, as weekly featured raids with every challenge active at the same time. After that, each raid will remain available in its updated format, though without every challenge at once.

The new record book is 13 pages long, and will reward players for things they've been doing since the game launched back in 2014. That said, even if you've been playing Destiny since launch and have done everything there is to do, you'll apparently only be "less than halfway done with the book” when Age of Triumph launches. Fortunately, the record book will be tallied across all of your characters, so as long as you've done something with one character, it will count for them all.

One of the coolest new features is that those who can hit Rank 7 in the record book can claim a totally unique reward: a blue T-shirt with the Age of Triumph logo, and your PSN or Xbox Live gamertag on the sleeve.

Bear in mind that while Age of Triumph itself is a free update, you'll need to own Rise of Iron, the most recent paid expansion, in order to access the content.

How much does Rise of Iron cost in the UK?

Yes, those of you that are interested in purchasing the Destiny DLC can do so via a number of different retailers. The good (or bad, depending on your view) news is that the price is the exactly the same amongst retailers, meaning you'll get the same deal whether you order on the PS Store or order via Amazon. 

Those looking to order the content on Xbox One can only seem to be able to do so via the Microsoft Store, while PS4 players can order from GAME, the PlayStation Store or Amazon for £24.99. 

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How can I play The Dawning?

Bungie celebrated Christmas 2016 in Destiny with an exclusive seasonal event: The Dawning.

Some elements of The Dawning will be familiar from previous holiday events, as the principal attraction was once again Sparrow racing, with the return of the Sparrow Racing League. Up to six players can compete in races, with rewards including themed gear, emblems, shaders, and Sparrows.

The two courses from last year (Infinite Descent on Venus and Campus Martius on Mars) are both back, along with two new additions for the sake of variety: Haakon Precipice on Earth and Shining Sands on Mercury. If you want to take part, visit Amanda Holliday, the Shipwright in the Tower Hangar.

There's more than just Sparrows though. The Dawning also offered quests from Commander Zavala and Eva Levante, along with new Record Book challenges, nine winter-themed emotes, and updates to three older strikes: The Nexus, The Will of Crota, and The Shadow Thief.

Those updates are in part due to the other major update in The Dawning: strike scoring. Destiny now scores you and your squadmates when you play the SIVA Crisis and heroic SIVA Crisis playlists, as well as the weekly Nightfall strike. Points and medals will be awarded for good team play and feats like streaks of kills.

The best part is that strike scoring, sparrow racing in private matches, and the new daily and weekly Elite Bounties are sticking around for good, even now that the winter event is done.

Find out more in the launch trailer: