If you’ve ever thought you could do with a little help keeping track of the important things in life, Curve is for you.

Curve is a small, lightweight smart tracker you can hang on a keying, a pet’s collar or your child’s backpack. What sets it apart from other trackers is the fact that it uses a range of methods – Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi and the mobile network – to keep you linked to the things you care about, so you’ll never be out of touch.

Many other trackers just use Bluetooth, so they can only be used over short distances. Curve will keep you connected wherever your things are: it includes a smart SIM that can be used in over 100 countries. You simply use the Vodafone smart app, previously known as the V by Vodafone app, to check in or follow Curve in real time.

What does Curve do?

With lockdown easing, we’re all returning to a more normal way of life. But with an increase in freedom comes a greater distance between you and the things you care about. Pop a Curve tracker on your cat’s collar and you can check in on any feline adventures around the neighbourhood while you’re at your desk at work. Even more importantly, if you hang a tracker on your child’s bag when you pack their lunchbox and sports gear, you can give them a little independence while you keep in touch with location updates.

But Curve is also for organising the little things in life. You’re in a rush to go out and you know you put your keys down somewhere – but where? Curve will find them. And when you have your first session in the gym, you can relax and enjoy a stress-free workout, knowing your laptop is safe in your locker where you left it and your bike is still in the rack, waiting for your ride home.

When you finally take your first trip abroad (at last!), you can use Curve in exactly the same way. Thanks to Vodafone’s global network, your tracker and app will work when you’re in other countries just like they did at home. And when you return and you’re looking for your car at the airport – did you park in Zone B or D? – you’ll find it faster with Curve.

Personalise your Curve experience

But it’s not just its connectivity options that make Curve a great buy. You can also personalise your experience by creating your own Zones and using different tracking modes. Set a Zone around the borders of your garden and if your delivery driver leaves the gate open, you’ll get an alert as soon as your dog makes a break for it. And with the multi-user feature that allows up to nine guests on each Curve, someone can always be around for a rescue.

You can also choose how often you get alerts. Use real-time tracking and you’ll get an update every 3-5 seconds. You can also opt for updates every 5 minutes, 30 minutes or every two hours.

And peace of mind works both ways. The Curve device has a Quick Alert button. One press and its location will be pinged instantly to your phone.

Curve’s battery life is up to 7 days, depending on the tracking mode you use. The device measures 16.4mm x 42.1mm and weighs only 30g. It’s also rugged, so it can withstand a knock or two, and waterproof: it’s rated IP67, which means it can be dunked in water for 30 minutes at a depth of up to 1 metre – which is much more than the puddle bath your dog is likely to take.

How to get Curve

A Curve tracker costs £20 and you can choose from a Slate black or Dove grey device. In the box, you’ll get the tracker, a keyring attachment and a charging cable.

To get started with Curve, you’ll need a separate subscription for Vodafone’s smart SIM.

Just download the Vodafone smart app and decide on the subscription service that will suit you best. You can sign up for a minimum of 12 months for £3 per month, or for even better value, sign up for 24 months for just £2 per month. You can connect up to 20 Curve trackers to your account.

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