Amazon recently introduced a collection of playful products called Alexa Gadgets that enhance voice interactions with compatible Echo devices. Alexa Gadgets take gaming to a whole new level by allowing friends and family to physically interact with their Echos.

Echo Buttons, which were announced alongside a series of new Echo products, are the first of the range of gadgets. And you can buy a two-pack for £19.99 from Amazon. Orders start shipping 19 December.

What are Amazon Echo Buttons?

Roughly the size of a hockey puck, these illuminating buttons interact with a compatible Echo device. Each button can be pressed to “trigger a variety of gameplay experiences powered by Alexa.”

For example, you could use the buttons to play a trivia quiz, in which players press a Button to answer a question.

How do Amazon Echo Buttons work?

There will be a load of new Alexa Skills for the Echo Buttons including Trivial Escape Tap, Party Foul and Button Monte available at launch. More are on the way including Dungeon Escape, Don’t Cut That Wire, and Beat the Intro.

To activate a skill, ask Alexa to do so; however, you may have to open the Alexa app as well.

Where to buy Amazon Echo Buttons

You can purchase a pair of Echo Buttons from Amazon for £19.99 ($19.99 in the US).

When is the Amazon Echo Buttons release date?

The buttons go on sale on 19 December 2017.