To describe the Dyson Cyclone V10 as the best cordless vacuum cleaner might actually be to undersell it. Through a combination of revolutionary motors, advanced filtration systems and enhanced design, it’s become an incredibly versatile vacuum cleaner that we think will transform the way you clean by enabling you to do it all, with a lot less effort. In fact, Dyson is so confident in its capabilities that it’s calling it the end of the corded vacuum cleaner. The company will still manufacture and sell corded machines but will no longer invest in their research and development, focussing on its latest cord-free models instead.

Here’s why you can ditch the old upright or cylinder vacuum:

There’s always been a perception that a cordless vacuum doesn’t have the power to handle that workload, but the Dyson Cyclone V10 turns that on its head. The machine is powered by Dyson’s new V10 digital motor – the firm’s most advanced yet – which spins at speeds of up to 125,000RPM (equating to 2,000 times a second) to drive powerful suction performance. The fourteen cyclones arranged precisely around the central axis of the machine generate strong centrifugal forces, with the airflow inside each cyclone travelling at speeds of up to 120 miles per hour to efficiently separate the dust from the air. The result is a 20% increase in suction power[1] compared to the existing Dyson V8 cord-free cleaner, giving you the cleaning performance of a full-sized upright vacuum cleaner in a cordless format you can pick up with one hand. This cyclonic separation system, as used across all  Dyson vacuum cleaners since the original DC01, are extremely effective at separating dust and particles to ensure they are captured and kept inside the bin. Because the machine uses cyclones in place of bags, this prevents the machine from clogging and losing suction. Combine that with a new, horizontal ‘ray gun’ design, where the bin is aligned with the rest of the cleaner, and the Cyclone V10 continues to work flawlessly, where other cleaners start choking.

Suddenly the question becomes less about whether to go cordless and more about why you would bother with a bigger, bulkier corded vacuum cleaner. When you can just pick your cleaner off the charging point and get to work, cleaning stops being some monumental chore and starts becoming something you get on with as and when. Do the lounge, do the dining room, leave the stairs for later. Take the Cyclone V10 out to clean the car, then clean the hallway and the kitchen on the way back in. Dyson’s new vacuum cleaner takes the hard graft out of cleaning. Tackle it in one stretch or in fits and starts – it doesn’t matter.

Nor are we talking about a second-class style of cleaning, fine for a quick fix until you get your proper cleaner out. Between the standard Direct-drive head and up to six additional tools you can clean all your floors and furnishings with upright-like efficiency. Because the Dyson Cyclone V10 is fully sealed and the newly engineered pre and post filter wraps around the entire motor as one sealed unit, the vacuum cleaner captures 99.97% of airborne particles down to 0.3 microns to expel cleaner air. No dirty air leaks back out. Pet hair and allergies won’t be a problem.

Yet the key to the V10’s versatility isn’t just its suction power and filtration, but its whole approach to the job. This is a cleaner with stamina, thanks to a bin of almost 0.8 litres – 40% bigger than the V8 – that enables you to keep cleaning for longer and empty the bin less often. Plus, when you do need to empty it, Dyson’s new hygienic point-and-shoot ejector mechanism drives the dirt and dust straight into the bin, no hassle, no handling, no mess.

Then there’s the new battery technology. With the V10. Dyson has shifted to a bigger 7 cell 525w Lithium Ion battery with improved power management, boosting the running time to up to 60 minutes without any compromise in cleaning power. Pull the trigger and it starts cleaning almost instantly, with enough juice to keep going until your work is done. Unless you’re living in a mansion, you should be able to tackle your whole house or flat without a recharge, though you can trade some battery life for extra power to lift ingrained dirt using the Medium Boost or Max Boost modes; the Dyson Cyclone V10 likes to give you options.

That extends to the line-up of accessories, with a range of crevice, combination and mini-motorised tools that make it easy to get into tricky spaces without adding weight or complexity to the cleaner, plus a soft-roller head for cleaning hard floors in the Absolute and Total Clean versions. The motorized tools can clean upholstery, thick-pile rugs, stairs or carpets, just snapping on as and when you need them.

This is a seriously powerful and versatile vacuum cleaner, with the performance of an upright but all the convenience of cordless. Why lug that old model around and get through the grind, when there’s a newer, easier way to clean?

[1]Compared to the Dyson V8 Absolute.