As we race towards Christmas, we're frantically trying to make sure we've got everyone a gift this year. But what do you get for the tech lover that has everything?

We've got loads of ideas in our ultimate Christmas gift guide, but here we're sharing some of our favourite present ideas that take inspiration from computers and gadgets but aren't tech.

We've found jewellery made from computer parts, floppy disk coasters, and even a chopping board that looks like a motherboard.

Circuit Board Necklace

Circuit Board Necklace

Take this amazing Geeky Heart Necklace, for example.

Etsy seller HarResols has more than 250 items made from recycled computer parts such as circuit boards and hard drives, inclucing this nerdy necklace that we love.

Other items available from this store include t-shirts, earrings, clocks, cufflinks and more so there's something for everyone.

USB Mix Tape

USB Mix Tape

If you miss the old days of exchanging mix tapes with your mates, you’ll love this modern take on the idea. Designed to look just like a traditional mix tape, you can write all of the tracks in the space provided.

But rather than requiring a tape player, the mix tape contains a 1GB USB stick that you can load your songs onto before passing it on to a friend.

Motherboard Chopping Board

Motherboard Chopping Board

We also love this chopping board for nerdy chefs.

It's made with scratch-proof glass with non-slip feet, with an odourless, hygenic surface that's easy to clean. Its motherboard-inspired design is lots of fun, and it's a really great price right now too.

Circuit Board Ties

Circuit Board Ties

Another Etsy purchase, this one from ScatterbrainTies, is perfect for a tie-wearing tech-lover.

Choose from Black, Hunter Green or Kelly Green for these quite gorgeous Circuit Board Ties.

You can also choose your preferred tie width. The options are: Normal, Narrow, Skinny or Extra Long.

Floppy Disk Coaster Set

Floppy Disk Coaster Set

This set of four coasters is inspired by floppy disks from the 90s.

Simple but effective, these are a fun accessory for any geeky home, and they're only £9.99 from IWOOT.

Camera Lens Cup

Camera Lens Coffee Mug

Here's one for photographers: a camera lens mug complete with a grippy rubber focus ring and a lens hood lid that doubles as a coaster or a place to store your biscuits.

It's a large mug, ideal for coffee and tea lovers but also perfectly good if you simply want to use it for cold drinks.

It's a great price, so a perfect stocking filler.

Game Boy Heat Change Mug

Game Boy Heat Change Mug

Another fun mug idea is a heat change mug. It's a departure from the computer-related gifts, but we imagine many geeks will love these retro gaming gifts too.

We particularly like the Game Boy Heat Change Mug from Firebox, but there's also a Super Mario Bros version available.

When your pour your tea or coffee into the Game Boy mug, the screens on either side will 'light up' with some fun, familiar scenes.

Ridley's That's So Nerdy Quiz

That's So Nerdy Trivia Game

Our final suggestion is this trivia game for geeks.

That's So Nerdy is a quiz game with 1,000 questions, spanning categories including Star Wars and Super Mario, as well as technology and the internet.

It's lots of fun and reasonably priced at £15.