CES Unveiled 2013

CES 2013 has kicked off in Las Vegas with the CES Unveiled show, a glimpse of what’s to come from the main event.

The mini showcase is our early access to what are supposedly the hottest new products of the year and of CES 2013. CES Unveiled saw more than 70 of the ‘world’s top consumer electronics’ companies show off their products.

Overall we were underwhelmed with the show, with a distinct lack of ‘wow’ products. CES Unveiled was dominated by iPad and iPhone cases and accessories which we’ve been bombarded with since the launch of Apple's devices. Few of them were anything noteworthy in our opinion.

Two interesting cases, which you’ll see below, are the Belkin Thunderstorm – a case which gives your iPad a significant audio system for watching movies and playing games. The second is the Endliss LED Smartcase, an iPhone 5 case with an innovative independently powered LED screen to display notifications and such like.

There were a few other bits and pieces which caught our eye too. LG’s stand was a big attraction with its 84in Ultra HD TV. And a very intriguing offering from HzO called WaterBlock, a technology which manufacturers can use to make devices like smartphones and tablets completely waterproof.

Lenovo gave us a look at its ThinkPad Mobile Monitor for Windows 8 machines which can either duplicate or extend the desktop of the laptop or PC it’s connected to. We liked the basic phone from Spare One which is powered by a single AA battery for those emergency situations where you just have to make a call.

Tobii Technology, as always, provided something a bit different with its eye-tracking technology working hand-in-hand with Windows 8. The oddball of the show was a smart fork designed to help people eat slower and lose weight.

Belkin Thunderstorm

Belkin Thunderstorm

Endliss Call

Enliss Call

LG Ultra HD TV

LG Ultra HD TV

hzo waterblock

HzO WaterBlock

Lenovo Wireless Display

Lenovo ThinkPad Mobile Monitor

Spare One AA phone

Spare One AA battery phone

Tobii Technology

Tobii Technology eye tracking