Us is the new mind-bending horror movie from Jordan Peele, the comedian now best known as the writer-director of the astonishing Get Out. It's undoubtedly one of the best new movies this year - head to our round-up of Us news and info to find out more.

While Get Out sparked all sorts of debate about whether or not it was a horror movie, Us sits very firmly in horror. One of the genre's oldest tropes is the post-credit scene - yup, horror movies were doing it long before all the superheroes came along - so one of our big questions going into the movie for our review was whether Us would follow suit and include an extra tease in the credits.

Does Us have a post-credit scene?

To be blunt, no. We sat through the credits, and while they're arguably worth it for another rendition of the film's super-unsettling main theme, there's no extra clip, scene or tease to be found. So once the credits roll feel free to vacate your seat and head off - you won't be missing anything.