The sleek and thin design of modern TVs means getting great sound out-of-the-box is rare. Fortunately, Sky has teamed up with inventive audio brand Devialet to bring you the Soundbox, which provides cinema quality sound to your living room with minimal hassle and at a great price.

What is the Sky Soundbox?

Getting cinema level sound in your own home can mean spending thousands of pounds, running cables everywhere and complicated setup.

The Soundbox cuts all of this out with a single box solution. The elegant speaker has been designed and crafted by Devialet, a premium audio brand known for incredible products.

It’s compact so will fit neatly into your living room and you don’t need to be an audiophile to set it up. A plug-and-play setup means you can upgrade your sound experience quickly and easily.

The Soundbox contains no less than nine speakers, six of which are woofers to provide powerful, room shaking, bass. The remaining three full-range drivers are placed strategically to give you a surround sound experience without having to place multiple speakers around the room.

Sky customers get an exclusive deal on Soundbox

The great news for Sky customers is that you can get the Soundbox at an amazing price.

Sky Q multiscreen subscribers can get it for just £249, a huge amount less than the normal price of £799 for non-Sky customers. Otherwise, you can still get it for £299 or upgrade to multi-screen for only £12 extra per month.

You can also spread the cost of the Soundbox over three bills, with an upfront cost.

At this price, you’re getting a premium speaker for a third of the price of rivals such as Sonos. And the Sky Soundbox comes with features like Bluetooth, so you can play music from your phone, or alternatively by using the handy remote control.

Amazing sound, better with Sky Q

Not only do Sky customers get the amazing Soundbox at a steal of a price, the speaker does things that only work with Sky Q.

Once plugged into a Sky Q box, the Soundbox can automatically detect what you are watching and select a sound profile to suit. This means that you’ll always get the best sound no matter if you’re watching sport, listening to music or catching the latest blockbuster movie.

Beyond this, the Soundbox also has intelligent sound modes you can use. These include the ‘Late Night’ mode which balances out loud and quiet elements of whatever you’re watching, and a Kids mode that limits the volume level of the speaker.

Devialet’s auto volume level sound processing means that audio signals are managed in real time. The Soundbox can adjust elements of the soundtrack so everything can be heard clearly.

Ground-breaking technology means the Soundbox has received rave reviews from the experts.

Tech Advisor says the Soundbox “exhibits forceful bass and sub-bass and both the mid- and high-end are both detailed and rich.”

And What Hi-Fi calls it “a small box with a big presence” which “uses the brand’s push-push woofer technology to deliver deep bass response.”


What are you waiting for? The Sky Soundbox made by Devialet is an absolute steal for Sky customers.

This compact and stylish speaker box, provides cinema quality sound in your living room like magic, including surround sound, intelligent audio management and exclusive sound profiles for Sky Q subscribers - all without the hassle.

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