Pet Sematary is back on the big screen, 30 years after the Stephen King novel was first adapted for the cinema. The new remake, starring Jason Clarke and John Lithgow, is just as silly, schlocky, and gory, while twisting the story round to keep old fans surprised.

Out now in the US and UK (head to Fandango for US tickets, or Cineworld, Vue, or Odeon for the UK) it's a classic, old-fashioned horror movie in a lot of ways - but does that include a stinger after the credits? We sat through them to find out, and here's our spoiler-free guide - and head here to read our review.

Does Pet Sematary have a post-credit scene?

Let's save you some time: there's absolutely no mid-credit or post-credit scene to Pet Sematary. So once the credits start rolling, feel free to leave.

The only thing to keep you there is really the new cover of the classic Ramones title song, this time by Starcrawler - but to be honest it's a pretty rubbish cover, so you might want to dart out quickly just to avoid it!