The highly anticipated sequel to the 2017 adaptation of Stephen King’s IT is finally here; starring Jessica Chastain, James McAvoy and of course Bill Skarsgård, who is returning as the nightmarish clown, Pennywise.

IT Chapter Two is in cinemas now. You can get your tickets from Cineworld, Vue, or Odeon in the UK, or from Fandango or Atom Tickets if you're in the US. Check out our spoiler-free review to see our thoughts on the film.

This film picks up 27 years after its predecessor. But did it reveal anything more about any future films in this universe? Read on to find out.

Does IT Chapter two have a post-credits scene?

Basically, no. I sat through until the lights came up, and there’s no post-credits scene. Just your bog-standard roll of credits as you would expect in any movie that’s not in the MCU.

Arguably, this is to be expected. If the IT films stay true to the narrative of the novel, then the story is all covered in two films. Any future movies would be brand new content - and probably just a way of cashing in on a popular name (not that we haven’t seen THAT before).

We could perhaps see more Stephen King adaptations in the future, but none were teased at the end of this film. So no need to hang about in the cinema with the cleaning staff until the end.

However, there are a few surprise cameos in the film. Notably from the writer of the original novel, Stephen King, so keep an eye out for that.