December 31st will not only bring the end of the year, but also the decade. We've undoubtedly spent much of that time online, flitting from site to site – all of which have collectively built our online experience as we know it.

Barring our site of course, we take a look at the top 10 sites of the decade – what would the 2010s be without them?

Top 10 Websites of 2010s

10. LinkedIn

It's hard to imagine having a professional presence online without a LinkedIn account. It's the place to network, brand yourself, look for work and subsequently show off your shiny new job.


9. SoundCloud

SoundCloud is the destination for any DIY musician or band – so much so that we have collectively devised the term "SoundCloud rappers" for several now mainstream musicians who've emerged from the platform, like Chance the Rapper, Post Malone, XXXTentacion and Travis Scott.


8. Pinterest

We've all spent an inordinate amount of time on Pinterest browsing through the beautiful, inspirational, or humorous, and pinning down the best to our various boards. It's hard to imagine the 2010s without this site!


7. Duolingo

Most of us have tried to keep the Owl happy at least once on the free language learning site Duolingo. The easy-to-use platform gamifies grammar rules and vocabulary lessons so it doesn't feel like you're studying at all.


6. Wikipedia

While we're on the topic of educational sites, it's hard to imagine the 2010s without our top go-to resource to learn about anything that ever existed on the face of the planet.


5. YouTube

YouTube has become the top destination for almost anything you want to watch or listen to, whether music, memes, make-up tutorials, cat videos, recipes, vlog personalities – or anything in between!


4. Reddit

Reddit's global appeal is undeniable. It's where anyone can go to ask questions, read personal or fictional stories, stay caught up on the news and embrace communities and identities – and the past decade would not be the same without it.


3. Twitter

Of course, what would the past ten years be without Twitter? It connects us to friends and communities, keeps us updated on world events (and celebrity feuds), and has even kicked off era-defining movements like #MeToo. We would be remiss to ignore it on our list.


2. Netflix

We can't imagine the 2010s without the pervasive influence of Netflix and the phenomenal shows it has graced us with, like Stranger Things, Narcos and Bojack Horseman to name just a few.


1. Facebook

Facebook's influence on the decade is undeniable, especially given how controversial the platform has become in recent years. Love it or hate it, it would be difficult to leave Facebook out of this round up.