Sky VIP is Sky's customer loyalty scheme, offering tiered benefits to Sky customers based on how long they've been paying for Sky services. 

Benefits range from free films to priority customer service, and scale from brand-new customers right up to those who have been with Sky for more than 15 years. In this article we'll explain what Sky VIP is, what the rewards are, and how to claim them.

What is Sky VIP?

Sky VIP is a loyalty program designed to encourage Sky TV and broadband customers to stick with the service - and for new users to sign up - by rewarding people who stick with Sky with extra freebies and benefits.

We'll go into more detail about specific rewards below, but they include the likes of free films, tickets for concerts and sports matches, exclusive prize draws, and free installation for services like Sky Fibre and Sky Q.

Rewards are tiered, so the longer you've been a Sky customer the better the rewards you can claim - though since the first tier is 0-3 years, that means any Sky customer is eligible, including anyone who signs up now, so Sky VIP also serves as a bit of an incentive to switch to Sky.

It's worth noting that the tiers are based only on your continuous time as a Sky customer - if you left for another provider and then switched back, it will only count the time since you switched back to Sky, and not anything from before that.

How do I join?

If you're a Sky customer, you're already eligible for Sky VIP. And if not, you can sign up for Sky TV or broadband and join Sky VIP right now - you can see how Sky's broadband service stacks up in our guide to the best broadband deals.

If you're a customer, to claim your Sky VIP rewards you have to download the My Sky app - the VIP program is exclusively available through the app.

You can download it for free for either iOS or Android. Once it's installed, sign into your Sky account and you should see the Sky VIP section on the app homepage.

The app should tell you which tier you're in, and thus which rewards you're eligible for, along with information on how to claim them all.

What are the rewards?

Sky VIP rewards are split up by tier, so which rewards you get depends entirely on how long you've been a Sky customer for. As you'd expect, the longer you've been paying for Sky services the better the rewards you get.

Luckily, Sky has released a handy table that breaks down the reward tiers, with each tier also getting all the rewards from the earlier tiers:

That means that if you've been a Sky customer for 15 years or more, you get (deep breath) a free movie, prize draws and VIP tickets, Sky Go Extra, Sky Atlantic VIP, free Sky Fibre and Sky Q set-up, the Mobile Piggy Bank Boost, and priority customer service.

It's also worth pointing out again that the Sky VIP Silver tier includes every single Sky customer, so even if you sign up for Sky today you'll get access to all these benefits:

  • Free Sky Store Buy & Keep movie.
  • The chance to get closer to the Sky shows customers love with prize draws for extraordinary experiences including  an all-expenses paid trip to Iceland to see some of the filming locations for Game Of Thrones.
  • Free tickets to major sporting events including the Premier League and EFL, international and domestic cricket, Autumn Internationals, the NFL International Series and European Tour Golf, as well as exclusive Sky Sports events where customers will get VIP treatment and hospitality.        
  • The opportunity to watch the latest films before anyone else, with free tickets to exclusive cinema preview screenings across the country        
  • Free tickets to a range of other special events across the UK, which include being in the audience for some of your favourite Sky shows, such as Thronecast, Soccer AM and A League of Their Own; tickets to National Theatre Live screenings and tickets to Goodwood.

Sky plans to alter the lineup of rewards as it runs the service, so you may see slightly different options from what we've listed above, and you should keep an eye out to see if you get access to anything new as it goes on.