Apple has announced details of multiple products this week from its new streaming service to a 2019 iMac. Today’s announcement of the second-generation AirPods puts an end to months of rumour and speculation. Make sure you watch the Apple Spring Event next week to keep up to date with all the news.

The second-generation AirPods will include a wireless charging case and a new H1 chip that Apple says will offer better battery life and “Hey, Siri” support to verbally activate the assistant.

We're still waiting for Apple to announce AirPower but the optional wireless charging case works with standard Qi charging, and therefore should work with any wireless charger. The new AirPods look very similar to the original models aside from a small LED light on the case to give an indication of battery life.

The main differences in the second-generation AirPods will come from the upgrade of the W1 chip to the H1 chip. A 50% increase in talk time, improved microphone quality, 50% faster connection times when switching between devices and new Siri and Bluetooth 5 support all make the H1 chip a substantial improvement over the previous generation.

The updated AirPods can be bought with the charging case for £199 / $199 or separately for £159 / $159. You can also purchase the Wireless Charing Case separately for £79 / $79.

For the full details take a look at our AirPods article over on MacWorld.