Apple is planning to combine applications found on the iPhone, iPad and on MacOS by 2021, Bloomberg reports. This will allow all developers who work on the Apple ecosystem to create a single application that will work across several platforms.

This was first brought to light back at the Apple WDC last year under the project codename Marzipan and Apple has already started this process with certain apps including Stocks and News previously seen on iOS appearing on Mojave.

The process of making these applications universal across Apple platforms is a large step that will have to be managed in stages, starting with the ability to port iPad apps over to MacOS later this year thanks to a new SDK (software development kit).

If this sounds familiar to you, that’ because Microsoft announced something similar a while ago in an effort to bring all of its apps together across several platforms - although while Microsoft does appear to be angling itself for a single operating system used across multiple platforms, Apple does appear to be keeping iOS and macOS separate from each other.

We’re expecting to see more news of this at this year’s WWDC which you can read all about here.