The Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+ are here. Samsung's flagship tablets have had a significant refresh for 2020, with 120Hz AMOLED displays, premium design and all-important S-Pen. 

The regular model has an 11in screen, while the Pro version steps up to 12.4in, making them a clear iPad Pro rival.

A similarity they have with Apple's slates is fragility, so you'll want to throw on a case. There are plenty of great options, whether you're looking to add extra functionality or just want some solid protection. Here are our top picks. 

Official Samsung Keyboard Cover for Tab S7+

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ Keyboard Cover

It doesn't come cheap, but Samsung's official keyboard cover transforms the Tab S7+ into a portable productivity machine. 

Made from impact-resistant polycarbonate, this case adds a full-size keyboard without the bulk typically you'd typically associate it with. It offers a responsive and satisfying typing experience, connecting seamlessly via Bluetooth. 

The keyboard as a screen cover, meaning it provides complete protection for the tablet. There's still space for the all-important S-Pen, with a detachable holder located on the inside of the device. 

You can buy it now for £219.99/US$251.99. Also available for the regular Tab S7 for £189.99/US$218.99.

Official Samsung Book Cover for Tab S7+

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ Book Cover

If you don't need a physical keyboard, the standard book cover retains the excellent design but is much more affordable. 

Providing that same all-around protection, the combination of Book Cover and S-Pen gives the Tab S7 a stylish notebook-like feel. The cover also doubles as a stand, offering two additional angles to suit your workflow. 

You can buy it now for £74.99/US$80.99. It's also available for the regular Tab S7 for £64/US$71.49.

UAG Metropolis for Tab S7+

UAG Metropolis Series Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ Case

UAG's Metropolis range is perfect for protecting tech while out and about, so it seems a perfect match for the Tab S7.

Made from military-grade polycarbonate, the case provides a level of protection that you'll struggle to find elsewhere.

Unlike many rugged cases, the Metropolis also adds a magnetic screen cover for complete device protection. The FrogSkin outer design adds plenty of grip, while soft inner material cushions the device from any impacts. 

You can buy it now for £74.73/US$89.95. It's also available for the regular Tab S7 for £46.69/US$59.95.

ELTD Keyboard Case for Tab S7

ELTD Keyboard Case for Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

If you're in the market for a more affordable keyboard case, look no further than ELTD's offering. 

A fairly traditional design and build is offset by eye-catching RGB-style backlit keys, which can cycle through 7 different colour options. The chocolate-style keyboard should offer a convincing typing experience, while there are dedicated charge and power lights. 

You won't have to worry about battery life here, with ELTD claiming 2.5-3 hours charging time will get you as much as 60 hours of usage. 

You can buy it now for £35.95. A version for the Tab S7+ for £38.99, but neither are currently available in the US.

Ztotop Case for Tab S7

Ztotop Case for Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

Great cases for the Tab S7 don't have to be expensive though, as Ztotop has proven. 

This lightweight, slimline case has been designed in the mould of Apple's classic Smart Case, with a magnetic cover that activates sleep/wake functions. 

The flexible TPU material also makes the case shockproof, while the honeycomb inside pattern allows for more effective cooling. And, of course, there's a built-in slot for the S-Pen. 

You can buy it now for £12.99/US$14.99.

Infiland for Tab S7

Infiland Case for Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

For some more exciting colour options, Infiland's case is a great alternative. 

In addition to the blue model pictured, it's also available in two shades of green, red, black, grey and even a space design. 

Its simple design doesn't compromise on protection though, with the soft TPU material making the device shock and scratch-proof. 

The matt design also means it's fairly resistant to fingerprints, while the frosted suede cover helps keep the screen in optimal condition. 

You can buy it now for £11.99/US$14.95. Also available for the Tab S7+ for £17.99/US$19.99.

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