Official protective case

OnePlus 5 official protective case

OnePlus sells its own high quality cases for the OnePlus 5, and this is the flagship case for the flagship phone.

Available in two wood hues, sandstone and our favourite, Karbon, this affordable case offers drop and rear casing protection. The Karbon is the grippiest, and offers better defence against dinks and scratches than the wood versions.

Official silicone case

OnePlus 5 official silicone case

If that isn’t your thing, then the decidedly dull colours of the OnePlus 5 might tempt you into wrapping it in this bright red case. 

Rubberised cases are easier to grip traditionally than glossy or even matte plastic cases, although they do get a bit dirty. Easy to clean though!

The red brightens up the device somewhat, though we do love the Midnight Black version. Our review is here

Rhinoshield Crashguard bumper for OnePlus 5

Rhinoshield Crashguard bumper for OnePlus 5

This well built bumper for the OnePlus 5 is kind of odd, but we like how it still shows off the screen and back of the phone while protecting it from serious drops.

It adds little bulk while giving you full access to all ports and not really changing the look and feel of the device. Good work here from Rhinoshield.

AModern wallet case for OnePlus 5

AModern OnePlus 5 case

If flip wallets are your thing then this one is very affordable and easy to get hold of on Amazon. The slim design allows for screen protection and a slot for a debit or credit card in the flap.

DN-Technology rubber case for OnePlus 5

DN-Technology OnePlus 5 case

It might not be the most expensive or protective, but for a grippy see through rubber case you really can’t go wrong with this one.

It’ll save the phone from surface scratches and even short drops, but don’t expect it to save it from screen smashes on unforgiving concrete.