GoPro is still the dominant action camera brand by quite a long way, and is the first place most people look when they think about picking up a camera to film their latest sporting exploits.

The GoPro on its own is a great piece of kit, but you can expand its potential massively with the help of a few accessories, from chest harnesses and helmet mounts to floating grips. We've rounded up our favourite GoPro accessories here - and if you're thinking of picking up a new camera itself, take a look at our guide to the best GoPro.

The best GoPro accessories

PNY Action Grip

One grievance of many first-time GoPro buyers is that they don’t come with a grip to secure to for quickly snapping footage. While you can hold the little camera in your hand, footage comes out better with a simple handle attachment.

Enter the PNY Action Grip. A neat, affordable grip that you slide any GoPro onto using the attachment in the box, it also has a trick up its sleeve – the handle is hollow and airtight so can float, or you can fill it with water to establish buoyancy for underwater filming. Or, you can stick your keys in it. The handle is quite fat, but it’s quite similar to the official GoPro one, which also doubles as a handy tripod. 

The best GoPro accessories

GoPro Jaws Flex Clamp Mount

This official accessory is compatible with all GoPro models and is a bit like Joby’s popular flexible mounts for SLR cameras. Neat quick-release attachments mean you can quickly clip your camera to a pole or branch to capture the action. 

A simple, easy to use accessory that will improve your shooting options.

The best GoPro accessories

PolarPro Denali

One thing you'll want as soon as you've unboxed your GoPro is a carry case. We like PolarPro's Denali because of its movable internal dividers and zip pouch for USB cables in the lid.

Ok, so it's just like the official GoPro Casey. But it's cheaper. (It isn't yet available in the UK, but should go on sale in early 2018.)

The best GoPro accessories

Amazon Basics GoPro Carrying Case

The scope of the AmazonBasics range never ceases to amaze us. This GoPro carry case is a great example. For less than a tenner, you get a decent zip-up case with a pre-cut foam insert that's ready to hold two cameras (even in their waterproof housings), spare batteries, mounts, USB cables and SD cards.

You can't really ask for more at this price.

The best GoPro accessories

GoPro chest harness

The inventively named ‘Chesty’ chest harness is what you’d expect, with all the usual GoPro brand quality. 

Perfect for cycling, skiing, canoeing and more, it positions the camera best for when you want a shot lower than head height. 

It’s fully adjustable and works with every GoPro camera. It’s a quick and affordable way to capture some exhilarating trail footage.

The best GoPro accessories

PolarPro Yukon

A bit like a folding version of a selfie stick, the Yukon extends to just over 600mm, but folds down to 220mm for storage.

Since it uses standard GoPro mounts you can remove the hand grip and attach the two extension bars to practically any mount. And the grip itself has two threaded inserts so you can attach the optional strap mount and clamp it to your rucksack strap. Again, like PolarPro's Denali, it's a lot cheaper than GoPro's version.

It'll go on sale in the UK in January 2018.

The best GoPro accessories

GoPro Seeker backpack

This is an accessory for the GoPro owner who has everything – as in all the accessories already. This official backpack holds mounts, memory cards, the chest mount, shoulder mounts and up to five cameras. 

We aren’t really sure who exactly has five GoPros but at least you have the option. It also takes a water bladder up to two litres for hydration on the go.

The best GoPro accessories

AFUNTA head strap

Cheap, simple and great for capturing the best moments of your day with a big ol’ camera strapped to your head. 

In stock and for under a fiver on Amazon, this is a good way to save cash while still getting the best out of your GoPro.

Here is our extensive GoPro buying guide.

The best GoPro accessories

GoPro helmet front mount

This is one of the best GoPro accessories for climbers, attaching as it can to the front of a helmet. It’s far preferable to a chest strap, keeping you free and easy to move.

You can adjust the mount to point in any direction, including right at your own face, to capture the strain and pain of making it up that tricky route. The mount attaches adhesively, so make sure you put it on your most used helmet.