Best Google Pixel and Pixel XL cases

Google Pixel official case

Google also sells a clear plastic case for the Pixel  and Pixel XL, but the silicone ones are a bit more fun. (Though if you want even more fun, check out our round up of the best Disney phone cases of 2018!)

Available in a rainbow of colours, it gives simple but effective rubberised protection to the Pixel's aluminium frame.

Available for the Pixel XL here

Best Google Pixel and Pixel XL cases

Oliver Flexishield for Google Pixel

A ridiculously good value case if you don’t want to fork out for Google’s is this opaque, thin case. Not much else to say, but at under a fiver it speaks for itself.

Check out the Pixel XL one here for the same price

Best Google Pixel and Pixel XL cases

Mophie Juice Pack for Pixel XL

Mophie’s rechargeable battery case delivers up to 60 percent extra battery power (via its 2,950mAh battery pack), and offers robust impact protection for your Google Pixel XL.

It is compatible with Qi and other wireless systems, so you can top up your phone and juice pack battery using most wireless charging pads, including those found at airports and cafes.

The Juice Pack case includes Charge Force technology with built-in magnets so you can attach simply to charging car mounts and the like.
It measures 6.50-x-3.12-x-0.69in (165.26-x-79.14-x-17.64 mm).

Best Google Pixel and Pixel XL cases

Peel case for Google Pixel

While not the most protective, these cases are the thinnest yet best built we've ever seen. 

They clip easily onto the Pixel or Pixel XL and offer immediate, subtle protection from scratches and dinks to the metallic body of the device.

The cases come in black, silver or blue and give full access to all ports and the fingerprint sensor. Highly recommended, but bear in mind they offer little protection from shattered screens or dents from high drops.

Best Google Pixel and Pixel XL cases

Otterbox Defender for Google Pixel

A pricey but very good case is this from Otterbox. Offering complete protection save for waterproofing, it’s been extensively drop tested to withstand extreme conditions. Or extreme negligence, of course.

Also for The Pixel XL here

Best Google Pixel and Pixel XL cases

KINWEI Google Pixel case

This slim wallet case gives all over protection to your Pixel and is a good choice if you prefer easy access to the screen but full coverage for it while it’s not in use.

You can also prop the phone up landscape to watch videos and it has cutouts for full access to the ports and camera.

Pixel XL version available here

Best Google Pixel and Pixel XL cases

Cruzerlite Bugdroid case for Google Pixel

A great case for the unapologetically nerdy Android fan. Adorned with the famous Droid and with circuit pattern this case comes in several colours and is in line with the pure Android software experience you can only get on Pixel.

Also available for the XL model here.