Choosing the right home TV and broadband package is challenging when there are so many broadband providers to choose from. How do you know which TV package offers the best value? Which deal offers the fastest broadband? Which offers the most channels? Which is the cheapest TV and internet package?

We’ve compared UK broadband providers like BT, Sky TV, Virgin and more to help you find the best home TV and broadband deal.

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How to choose a broadband TV package?

First, assess the broadband speed demands for your household. This varies with how intensely you consume online content and the number of people sharing the Wi-Fi network. Consider how much content you stream and download, or if you or your flatmates often play video games.

You will also want to consider if different members within your household access content from different devices at the same time. The greater this demand the greater your bandwidth need.

Typically, download speeds of 50Mbps to 100Mbps should be sufficient for moderate to high usage. We do, however, have a dedicated guide on the fastest broadband in the UK which can help you get a sense of the best speed for you.

Next, think of how much TV content you'd realistically consume. Do you need additional premium channels? Most broadband providers package Freeview channels with their bandwidth deals which should cover all major UK TV channels. The TV broadband package prices increase when you add on other premium channels.

Should I get TV broadband packages without line rental?

Typically, line rental is included with the broadband deal as the service provider requires the use of a copper telephone line to provide its broadband service. The only major provider that doesn’t require a phone is Virgin as it has its own fibre network, though this may not be available in all post codes.

Below, we’ve broken down the best overall TV and broadband packages based on value, price, speed and number of channels included. We've also evaluated each major service provider and how each of their deals compete so you can opt for the best one for your needs.

Which is the best TV broadband package?

Best TV broadband package deal: Virgin - Player Bundle

  • £33 per month for 12 months then £51 per month, £25 set up free
  • 70 major channels
  • 54Mbps speed
  • Price includes Virgin Phone Line

This is the best deal if you’re looking for value for money. You get a speed that’s five times faster than other providers at this price bracket. It’s also the best deal if you’re looking for a TV broadband package that includes line rental.

Cheapest TV broadband package deal: BT - Starter + Broadband + BT Sport

  • £30.99 per month for 18 months, then £38.99 per month, and £79.99 upfront
  • All Freeview channels
  • 10Mbps speed
  • Includes BT Line rental

This is the cheapest deal around from a major provider. You get all the Freeview channel, but the speed is on the lower side at 10Mbps.

Fastest TV broadband package:  Virgin VIP Bundle (more on this below)

Virgin offers the fastest broadband in the UK with download speeds up to 362Mbps on its fibre broadband, though you may have to see if your area has access to fibre broadband. You can use our tool below to check.

If you're wondering which Virgin broadband TV package to get, we've evaluated all its deals to recommend the best ones for your needs.

Virgin TV and broadband deals

Best Virgin TV broadband deal: price vs speed vs channels: Mix Bundle 

  • £47 per month  for 12 months, then £58 per month
  • Over 150  channels inclduign Sky One, Sky Living, FOX and MTV
  • 108Mbps speed

This deal has the lowest price increase after 12 months, which saves you in the long term. It offers all the major TV channels and a high download speed too.

The Mix package should meet most expectations, unless you want to watch content in 4K quality and specialized channels like BT Sport (if so, the Full House Bundle may be better for you, which costs £10 per month more than the Mix Bundle and offers 230 channels, but operates at the same broadband speed of 100Mbps).

Cheapest Virgin TV broadband package: Player Bundle

  • £33 per month for 12 months then £51 per month, £25 set up free
  • 70 major channels
  • 54Mbps speed
  • Price includes Virgin Phone Line

Fastest Virgin TV broadband: VIP Bundle

  • £89 per month for 12 months, then £129 per month
  • 260 channels, with Sky Sports HD, Sky Cinema and BT Sport in 4K Ultra
  • Highest broadband speed in the UK at 362Mbps

The VIP bundle is a bit too pricey for our liking, but it may be worth it to you if you want HD access to premium content like Sky Sport and Sky Cinema, and if you have an insanely high download speed demand at home (you may share your house with multiple gamers and 4K movie streamers who use different devices at the same time).

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BT TV and broadband deals

BT offers a range of TV and broadband bundles to suit different speed requirements and budgets. Contracts are for 18 months.

Best price vs speed v channels: Entertainment + Superfast Fibre

  • £39.99 per month for 18 months, then £64.49 per month, £19.99 upfront cost
  • BT Sport, all Freeview channels, 20 Premium US channels
  • 50Mbps speed

This package works out to essentially £4 more per month (for the first 18 months) compared to the cheapest package (see below), if you factor in the much lower set up cost. You get a much faster broadband speed too.

Cheapest BT broadband TV package: Starter + Essential + BT Sport

  • £30.99 per month for 18 months, then £38.99 per month with £79.99 upfront
  • Includes all Freeview channels like AMC, Dave, Film4 and E4
  • 10Mbps speed

The Starter TV bundle with broadband bundle offer all the major popular channels along with BT Sport, so opting for the more expensive Entertainment package may not be worth it – unless you really want premium channels and to record your TV. If so, check out the Essential + Broadband option that costs £5 more per month, though has a lower set up cost (£39.99).

Fastest BT TV broadband package: Superfast Fibre 2 + BT Sport

  • £45.99 per month for 18 months then £64.99 per month, with £59.99 up front
  • All Freeview channels and BT Sport
  • 67Mbps speed

This is a good deal that balances high speed with a decent amount of channels. Though Sky’s Fiber Max deal offers a similar speed (63Mbps) with a lower monthly cost that’s guaranteed not to rise for 2 years (see below).

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Sky TV and broadband deals

Sky’s TV and broadband bundle contracts are for 18 months and have a £39.95 set up fee for line rental.

Best Sky TV broadband package for speed vs. cost vs channels: Fibre Max

  • £42 per month for 24 months, £39.95 upfront cost
  • Includes Sky Entertainment  
  • 63Mbps speed

We would recommend this package if you’re after a high speed. It’s comparable to BT’s Starter + Superfast Fibre 2 package but at a cheaper monthly rate that doesn’t increase for two years, which saves you more in the long term.

Cheapest Sky TV broadband plan: Broadband and Sky Entertainment

  • £33 per month for 18 months, £39.95 upfront cost
  • Includes Sky Entertainment
  • 10Mbps speed

You’re paying £9 per month less with this deal and you also get Sky Entertainment, but the speed is much lower at 10Mbps – though this shouldn’t be a problem if you’re a small household with not too many devices.

EE TV and broadband deals

EE also offers a range of TV and broadband deals. It’s TV content comes via EE TV, which consists of 70 free channels and On Demand TV content that’s accessible via mobile too. In fact EE TV turns your smartphone into a remote.

You can also record up to 600 hours of TV and 300 hours of HD TV. Read more about EE TV here.

Speeds vary from 10Mbps to 300Mpbs, and subscription rates range from £32.50 per month to £53 per month, respectively. EE bundle contracts are also for 18 months.

There may be set-up fees depending on which speed you go for. The lower speeds often see £10 fees, while higher speeds see £50 fees.

Best EE TV and broadband deal: EE TV and Unlimited Fibre Plus Broadband

  • £39 per month for 18 months, free set up
  • 67Mbps speed

The high speed plan also get you an additional 5GB data every month if you have an EE phone.

Cheapest EE TV and broadband: EE TV and Unlimited Broadband

  • £32.50 per month for 18 months, free set up
  • 10Mbps speed

Fastest EE TV and broadband: EE TV and Unlimited Fibre Max 2 Broadband

  • £53.50 per month for 18 months, free set up
  • 300Mbps speed

The high speed plan also get you an additional 20GB data every month if you have an EE phone. It’s better suited to heavy usage households that may stream in 4K from multiple devices at the same time, while also gaming.

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Talk Talk TV and broadband deals

Talk Talk has two TV and broadband plans, both of which offer average an speed of 11Mbps, and right now, both plans cost £33.

Best value for money: Fast Broadband + TalkTalk TV + TV Plus Box + Entertainment Boost

With both Talk Talk plans at the same price right now, we recommend this plan that includes additional premium channels and rewind/record options. This is on top of the  80+ Freeview channels, 15 HD channels and On Demand channels too.

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