Top deals continue in Xiaomi's Halloween Sale. It runs until 31 October, and until then you can snap up great prices on Xiaomi phones and other gadgets. Here are some of the best deals at the official Mi Store:

Plus you can save £150 on the Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2 (now £399) when you buy any smartphone, and various other bundle deals including smart bulbs, power banks and cables are available. 

If you're after the brand-new Xiaomi Mi 11T, check out our separate guide on where to buy the Mi 11T at the best price.

You'll also find Xiaomi deals at Amazon, such as this 20% saving on Mi Band 6, and 19% off Mi Watch.

Best Xiaomi Deals

1. Xiaomi Mi 11 (8GB/128GB) + Free Mi Watch Lite

From: Xiaomi

Was: £749

Now: £599  (£150 off + free Mi Watch Lite)

Mi 11 is Xiaomi's current flagship, making this an awesome deal - check out our full review. Pick it up now with £150 off and a free Mi Watch Lite worth £59!

2. Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G (8GB/128GB) + Free Mi Watch Lite

From: Xiaomi

Was: £399

Now: £399  (Free Mi Watch Lite)

Despite the name, this Mi 11 Lite sits in Xiaomi's mid-range line-up, offering excellent value - read our full review.

3. Xiaomi Poco X3 Pro (6GB RAM, 128GB) + free Mi Band 5

From: Xiaomi

Was: £229

Now: £199  (£30 off + free activity tracker)

Our favourite budget phone of the moment, Xiaomi's Poco X3 Pro already represents phenomenal value and enjoys an extra discount, direct from Xiaomi. The company's also throwing in its superb Mi Band 5 activity tracker on top for free too.

4. Xiaomi Poco F3 (6GB RAM, 128GB)

From: Xiaomi

Was: £329

Now: £299  (£30 off)

You'll find fantastic performance and a superb OLED display on the Xiaomi mid-ranger that is the Poco F3.

5. Xiaomi Redmi Note 10S (6GB/64GB)

From: Xiaomi

Was: £199

Now: £159  (£40 off)

Right now you can also pick up a £50 off deal on the higher-capacity 128GB Redmi Note 10S at the Mi Store.

6. Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro (6GB RAM, 128GB)

From: Xiaomi

Was: £269

Now: £239  (£30 off)

A fantastic screen, a 108Mp camera and awesome battery life make this discount on the budget Redmi Note 10 Pro difficult to ignore.

7. Xiaomi Mi Band 6

From: Amazon

Was: £39.99

Now: £31.89  (£20% off)

No fitness tracker offers better value than Xiaomi's Mi Band series, which can track your sleep and activity, display notifications and so much more.

8. Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite

From: Amazon

Was: £59

Now: £50.21  (15% off)

Mi Watch, but cheaper, check out the Lite if budget is everything.

9. Xiaomi Mi Watch

From: Amazon

Was: £119

Now: £96.36  (£22.64 off)

If the Smart Band appeals, Xiaomi's proper smartwatch is definitely worth a look - read our full review

10. Xiaomi Mi Essential Electric Scooter

From: Laptops Direct

Was: £399

Now: £299.97  (£102 off)

11. Xiaomi Mi 1S Electric Scooter

From: Laptops Direct

Was: £499

Now: £339.97  (£199.03 off)

This is Xiaomi's mid-range electric scooter, and heaps of fun as a toy or as an essential travel gadget. Do check out the legality of riding electric scooters in the UK.

12. Xiaomi Mi Scooter Pro 2

From: Amazon

Was: £599

Now: £387  (£212 off)

It might be expensive, but it's Xiaomi's top-end electric scooter right now, with a 350W motor and a great range. Find out more in our Xiaomi Mi Scooter 2 Pro review, but do check out the legality of riding electric scooters in the UK.

13. Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 5G

From: Laptops Direct

Was: £699

Now: £199  (£500 off)

This is one of the older models in Xiaomi's line, but this slider phone once turned many heads with its flagship status, making that ridiculously low price hard to ignore - read our full review.

Xiaomi Buying Advice

A few years back, importing Xiaomi phones to the UK was plagued with issues. Chinese ROM models do not come preinstalled with Google services, and in such cases you would need to install this yourself and navigate a Chinese menu and keyboard to get it set it up correctly. Connectivity was also an issue, with one of the three 4G bands used in the UK (800MHz/Band 20) rarely supported, and this could leave O2 users out in the cold. Thankfully, if you take care to purchase only Global ROM models, these are all a thing of the past.

Some of these issues do still apply to other Xiaomi products, however. Xiaomi laptops typically come with a Chinese Windows 10 OS, so require some know-how to install an English operating system, an OEM version of which will cost you only £10-20. With older products, such as the Mi Band 3, Chinese versions will naturally have Chinese menu icons. And many Xiaomi products shipped from China come with Chinese user manuals - Google is your friend here if you're not sure how to get them set up.

It's worth pointing out that any Xiaomi product you buy from the UK Mi Store will be an English version, and none of these issues will apply. They do, however, typically command slightly higher prices, and that's largely because Xiaomi has less control over the supply and distribution costs outside China.

Not sure what you're looking for? Also see Best Xiaomi phones.

When is Black Friday 2021? Should you wait for a better deal?

Black Friday arrives on Friday 26 November, followed by Cyber Monday on 29 November, which leads to the question: should you wait until then for a better deal on a Xiaomi device? 

Yes, and no. If you urgently need to buy one now and you see a stellar discount today, it's easy: pick it up. If you have the luxury of waiting until November, however, it may pay off. 

There's no need to wait for 26 November itself, of course. In the past, the biggest and best Black Friday deals were typically reserved for the big day, but now Black Friday deals appear all through November and sometimes, as early as October. Xiaomi's current sale at the Mi Store has been running all summer!

And it's not the only retailer to watch out for: this year, Amazon has already revealed that it will offer early Black Friday deals even earlier than ever, and you can already check out its Epic deals in the US.

If you see dramatic Black Friday discounts before 26 November, just go for it! Some retailers that hold pre-Black Fridays sales also promise that prices won't go any lower on Black Friday itself and offer to refund customers back the difference if it does. We're answering all your Black Friday-related questions here.

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