Samsung's Galaxy Note 9 has hit the shelves. You can get your hands on the smartphone today from Samsung and third-party retailers. Here, we share the best Note 9 deals, whether you're looking to buy the phone outright and SIM-free or want to get it on contract and pay monthly.

We think it's great. Here's our review.

Following on from the popular Note 8 (reviewed here), it features a new connected S Pen, an improved camera, more storage and a better battery.

Where to buy the Galaxy Note 9 SIM-free

The Note 9 is available to buy now from Samsung. The 128GB model is priced at £899, while the 512GB model is £1,099.

You can get either model in a range of colours from Samsung itself at the prices listed above, and there are trade-in offers available if you've got an older phone that you're looking to replace.

Buy the Note 9 from Samsung here.

If you buy the Note 9 SIM-free, be sure to get yourself one of the best SIM-only contracts for your minutes, texts and data.

Where to buy the Galaxy Note 9 on contract

Most networks are offering the Note 9 on contract. We'd recommend first taking a look at our automatically updated Note 9 deals widget below (click here for an optimised version of this page if you're unable to see it). It'll have all of the latest deals and you can adapt the results to suit your needs.

However, we've also spent some time picking out our top deals and discussing them in more detail beneath the deals widget to help you make the right decision.

Best UK deals for the Galaxy Note 9

Pick: Vodafone, 26GB data, £62 per month, £29.99 upfront

Pick: 1GB data, £44 per month, £30 upfront 

EE’s contracts tend to be particularly expensive – not sure why. They are worth checking out around Black Friday, though.