The Nokia 8 Sirocco is the latest flagship from the newly revitalised Nokia, and despite the name it's actually an almost entirely different phone to last year's Nokia 8.

Boasting a design that echoes the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S9, the 8 Sirocco has a curved glass screen and an 18:9 display, along with wireless charging, waterproofing, and a dual lens camera. You can get the full specs at our Nokia 8 Sirocco hub, or check out our hands-on review from MWC 2018 to find out what we thought about the phone when we got the chance to try it out ourselves.

The 8 Sirocco is out now in the UK, with an official RRP of £649.99, and there's only one colour (black) and one storage option (128GB), so there aren't any tricky decisions to make.

Best Nokia 8 Sirocco deals

As of launch, you can buy the 8 Sirocco handset on its own from Carphone Warehouse, Amazon, John Lewis, Mobile Phones Direct, and more, all for pretty much the same price: £649.99. The only place we wouldn't recommend buying the handset is direct from Nokia's own website, where for some reason it's listed at £699 at the time of writing - a hefty £50 price hike.

If you're looking for contracts, we've seen some with a free handset from as little as £36.75 per month (after including £150 cashback), which includes a decent 4GB of data too. Though a few more quid a month (£39 per month in total) can get you an O2 contract with a ludicrous 50GB of monthly data from the same site, which has got to be the best contract for the phone we've seen by far.

Wherever you get the phone from, if you buy it soon you can claim a free Google Home Mini smart speaker - normally worth £49.99. You've just got to redeem the speaker from the Nokia site by 14 June - but bear in mind you'll need the phone's IMEI number to do so, which means if you're buying online you'll need to make sure it arrives before the 14th!

Below, you'll find a continuously updated price comparison tool for the best Nokia 8 Sirocco deals, including both contracts and handset-only deals. If you can't see it, click here for a page optimised for your device.