Google quietly launched its latest mid-range handset, the Pixel 5a with 5G, on 17 August. The phone, available to pre-order now, goes on sale in the US and Japan on 26 August.

The Pixel 5a, with a 6.34in FHD+ OLED display and IP67 water resistance, runs on the Snapdragon 765G processor – the same found on the 4a 5G, though at $50 less. Storage specs are similar too, with 6GB RAM and 128GB storage, as are camera specs, with 12Mp main and 16Mp ultrawide sensors.

What has changed is the battery capacity at 4680mAh – the biggest ever on a Pixel phone and 20% more than the 4a 5G. We're diving into the 5a's specs and features in this article.

The 5a 5G is an obvious choice if you were considering the 4a 5G. Here we're looking at everything you need to know about buying the Pixel 5a 5G, from pricing, to retailers, to trade-in deals.

Google Pixel 5a 5G

How much does the Pixel 5a 5G cost?

The Pixel 5a 5G costs US$449, placing it between the Pixel 4a ($349) and 4a 5G ($499). It's available in one configuration only, with 6GB RAM and 128GB storage.

Where to pre-order the Pixel 5a 5G in the US

Customers in the US can pre-order the Pixel 5a 5G directly from Google, where the phone is available to buy unlocked and with the option to add Google Fi, Google's phone network (you can switch at any time). The 5a 5G will work with any network provider in the US.

Google's phone subscription program is another purchasing option that includes the Pixel 5a and device protection for $15 per month. You can also upgrade after 2 years.

We currently can't see the Pixel 5a 5G available to pre-order from any network directly.

You can however pick up a SIM only phone plan in the US from the following providers:

  • AT&T - Up to $250 credit when you bring your own phone, unlimited data plans start at $
  • T-Mobile - plans starting from $15 per month
  • Verizon - Get $500 when you sign up for an unlimited plan
  • Tello - Plans from $10.50 per month (first 6 months, then $14)
  • Mintmobile - plans start at $10 per month for 4GB data (5G available)
  • Visible - unlimited plans for $40 per month ($25 for new customers) + $50 reward

We'll update this article if we start seeing availability directly from network providers - so stay tuned.

Pixel 5a 5G pre-order deals from Google

Free Google Fi (3 months)

Google is offering 3 months of Google Fi Unlimited Plus for free, which can cost up to $70 per month for 1 person, saving customers up to $210.

Google trade-in - Get $702 in credit

Customers in the US can trade in their existing handset and get up to $702 in credit including any previous Pixel phone. Google is accepting select handsets from other manufacturers too:

  • Apple iPhone 6 and up
  • Samsung Galaxy A, Galaxy S, and Galaxy Note range phones
  • LG G8, K, Q, V and Velvet range phones
  • Motorola E, Edge, G (not G10), One, and Z range phones
  • OnePlus 6 and up, and Nord 100, 200 and N10

Learn more about Google's trade-in program or head to Google to pre-order the Pixel 5a with 5G today.

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