Google's Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL were unveiled at an event in New York City on 15 October, and are now out across the world.

The two new phones make a surprising number of hardware upgrades from the Pixel 3 series. A 90Hz display, upgraded dual-lens cameras and some vivid colour options form part of the DNA of Google's newest flagship, along with motion controls and an improved Google Assistant. 

We're constantly listing off the best Pixel 4 and 4 XL deals in our dedicated round-up, if you haven't grabbed the actual phones yet. You can also read our Pixel 4 review (or Pixel 4 XL review) to find out what we actually think of the phones too.

The Pixel 4 range, like their predecessors, are fragile devices consisting of a metal frame sandwiched between glass on both the front and back. As such, cases are your best option for protection. Based on these brands' reputation, we can easily recommend them. 

Olixar NovaShield

Olixar NovaShield Google Pixel 4 Bumper Case

The NovaShield has become renowned for its minimalist approach to protecting your phone, and the Pixel 4 variant is no different. 

This bumper case provides extra protection on the fragile sides of your device, without compromising on access to ports and features. Each corner has specially designed air pockets, which absorb the impact of any drops. 

This clear case allows the design of the phone to remain in all its glory, while raised bumpers protect the screen as much as possible. 

You can buy it now for £12.99/US$15.99.

Mous Limitless 3.0

Mous Limitless 3.0 for Pixel 4

We've raved about Mous' cases before but never have we had a chance to do with a Pixel phone, until now.

The company cut its teeth as a disruptive case maker for the iPhone and continues to keep step with Apple's latest releases. Beyond its bread and butter, Mous has more recently branched out to offer signature cases for some of the best and brightest Android phones on the market too.

Alongside Apple's blowers, Mous now also makes cases for Samsung's flagship phones (including the new S20 family) and, for the first time, Google's Pixel phones.

The company's Limitless 3.0 case for the Pixel 4 and 4 XL offers the same great feature-set and superb protection as you'd find with the original iPhone incarnation; complete with the option of an aramid fibre, black leather or walnut wood inlaid back.

The polycarbonate frame comes lined with the company's 'AiroShock' shock absorption technology, alongside impressive corner protection that also keeps the screen out of harm's way should your Pixel land or lie face down.

Being a Limitless 3.0 case, this armour also supports Mous' ecosystem of dedicated accessories; such as a suction mount, a car vent mount and a magnetic card wallet, while features like the Pixel 4's wireless charging remain unaffected.

Both the Pixel 4 Mous Limitless 3.0 case and Pixel 4 XL version cost £39.99/US$49.99 and are available now.

Tech 21 Evo Check

Tech 21 Evo Check for Pixel 4

Tech 21 specialise in flexible cases to suit any occasion, and the Evo Check will definitely help your phone stand out from the crowd.

The unique check pattern will turn heads, while its headlining feature is its drop protection, The case is designed to withstand drops from up to 12ft (3.6m).

The coloured power button has always been popular among Pixel users, and this case includes customisable mix & match covers for the physical buttons. 

You can buy it for the Pixel 4 for £29.95/US$39.95, while the 4 XL version is available for the same price. 


Snakehive Vintage Wallet Case for Google Pixel 4

Snakehive's leather wallet cases deliver an excellent blend of style and substance. Handmade from premium leather, it provides solid, all-around protection for your Pixel 4. 

It features a discrete magnetic fastener on the front, with the company logo the only other aesthetic choice on what is an otherwise minimalist accessory.

It is available in four distinct colours, including navy (pictured) There is also the additional option to personalise your case with your initials, should you wish. 

It is currently available for pre-order from £28.95/US$36.99, with the 4 XL variants going on sale at the same price. 


Totallee Thin Pixel 4 XL Case

Totallee have regularly been ahead of the game when it comes to Pixel cases. The company's Pixel 4 XL variant prioritises protection with as little extra bulk as possible, at just 0.03" thin and 0.1 oz light. 

The frosted clear (pictured) option allows you to show off the phone's design, but there's also a matte black variant if you prefer a more stealthy look. 

Totallee also refrain from adding any branding to their cases, an often overlooked design choice. 

You can buy it now for US$29 (approx £23.03).

Tech 21 Studio Colour

Tech 21 Studio Colour for Pixel 4

If a more minimalist design is your thing, how about the Studio Colour.

Available in three distinct shades including Coral My World (pictured), this case has an eye on the environment with 32% coming from plant-based materials. 

It doesn't compromise on protection though, with your phone well protected from drops up to 8ft (2.4m). This includes germ-killing properties, ensuring your phone remains hygienic as much as possible. 

The ultra-thin profile adds very little bulk to the device, too. 

You can buy it for the Pixel 4 now for £19.95/US$29.95, where it's also available at the same price for the 4XL

VRS Design

VRS Design Damda Glide Shield Google Pixel 4 Case

The Damda Glide Shield has been precisely designed to complement the Pixel devices, with a thin and light design which doesn't compromise on protection. 

The matte black design features a signature red trim, while there is built-in sliding storage for bank and ID cards. Raised edges and front lip protect your device from any mishaps. 

Add in tactile buttons and wireless charging compatibility, and this is a great everyday case for travel. 

You can buy it for the 4 or 4XL for £22.99/US$28.31.

Olixar Farley

Olixar Farley RFID Blocking Google Pixel 4 Wallet Case

The headlining feature of this case is its built-in card slots, complete with RFID protection. 

The affordable leather-style case is durable and ensures a comfortable fit in your hand and pocket. The two-tone design will help you stand out from the crowd, while the cut-outs and ports remain available so you won't have to ever take the case. 

You can buy it for £12.99/US$15.99


Ghostek Exec 4 Google Pixel 4 Wallet Case

Ghostek prides itself on state-of-the-art cases which provide supreme protection. This unique design features shock-absorbing bumpers on the side and an unusual card storage solution on the back. 

Made from a TPU and polycarbonate blend, the case has been military drop tested, giving you peace of mind should you ever drop your device. The raised bezel even means the screen should be safe in the event of a face down impact. 

You can buy it for £24.99/US$30.77.