As the nation sensibly takes heed of Boris' advice to stay indoors, the UK High Street appears to have become the latest victim of COVID-19. All but essential shops have been ordered close, yet the world keeps turning and the people's desire to shop continues.

We urge you to keep in mind that all those workers who are still operating in retail, warehouses and logistical firms are putting their health at risk on a daily basis in order that we can have some small sense of normality, ensuring essential items can still be purchased. Now does not feel like an appropriate time to be buying luxuries, especially while some are having sleepless nights over an uncertain financial future.

But life does go on. Babies and children keep growing. People still need feeding. Remote workers need to set up home-working stations. And people still need to keep themselves occupied with creative- or home- and gardening projects as fears rise over the effects of lockdown on our mental health.

Below we've compiled a list of online stores that continue to operate either a home-delivery or click-and-collect service. Be warned that many of these stores are open with a reduced service, meaning that certain items will not be offered for sale, or you may be restricted on how many of each item you can purchase, with multibuy offers removed. Delivery times are almost certainly going to be longer. Many are also operating a queueing system to deal with demand, and you may need to wait for up to 10 minutes to even access the website.

Grocery shops still delivering in the UK

All the UK's major online grocery stores continue to operate, but panic buying means they are under much greater demand and securing a slot is proving about as likely as winning the National Lottery. Those who are finding success here are often finding many items are being substituted or are unavailable.

Supermarkets are requesting that where possible people shop in store rather than taking these precious slots, which are greatly needed by those who are high-risk, self-isolating or being shielded.

Takeaway shops still delivering in the UK

Pharmacies, health & beauty shops still delivering in the UK

Technology shops still delivering in the UK

Home & gardening shops still delivering in the UK

Clothing shops still delivering in the UK

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