The PS5 went on sale last November but, unsurprisingly, stock evaporated in seconds - Sony says it was the biggest PlayStation launch ever.

The console has been almost impossible to buy ever since, though it's slowly getting easier to find. There was a big wave of new console shipments over spring, and while stock still sells out fast it's also re-appearing faster than ever.

The big question now is whether the PS5 will be in stock for Black Friday 2021. Even if it is, don't expect many discounts on the console of course, but there are already some big savings on accessories and games.

We're listing all the retailers offering the new console, along with pricing and availability – we'll be doing our best to keep up to date as new stock comes in so stay tuned, and for more on the console, take a look at our PS5 review.

How much does the PlayStation 5 cost?

The PS5 is available in two models. The standard PS5 costs £449/$499, while the cheaper Digital Edition without a Blu-ray drive costs £359/$399.

If you're not sure which to buy, check out our PS5 vs PS5 Digital Edition comparison for a more detailed breakdown of the differences.

Where to buy the PS5

PS5 pre-orders sold out almost instantly, and the same happens every time the console goes back in stock. As of right now, the console doesn't appear to be in stock anywhere.

While availability is slowing improving, shortages are likely to continue for most of this year, as the PS5 is just one part of a larger industry-wide chip shortage that Sony itself has said will continue to bottle-neck production through the rest of 2021.

Still, stock keeps popping up briefly at various retailers, so it's worth continuing to check often.

The following retailers are still allowing customers to request stock alerts, which means if you register now you could get a foot in the door once sales begin again.

Meanwhile, the retailers listed below sold consoles in the past, but are now out of stock. We'd suggest keeping an eye on these, in case they do re-stock.

There are also independent sellers on eBay auctioning the PS5, though we'd advise going through standard retailers if at all possible to avoid potential complications - and exorbitant prices.

Another marketplace auctioning site StockX is also selling the PS5, but again we'd advise going through standard sellers for the same reasons we advise against buying from no-name sellers on eBay.

If you can afford to spend more than the console's asking price, a better option is Box's ballot. The retailer is now running a PS5 ballot, so that interested fans can sign up to put their name in, and whenever Box has console stock it will draw a few names who will then have the chance to actually buy the console - saving you from endless refreshing.

There is one downside though: instead of balloting the chance to buy the console alone, Box is instead offering a bundle. That means that in addition to the disc edition of the console you'll also have to buy an extra controller, a copy of PS5 exclusive Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, and even a Logitech G923 racing wheel & pedal set. Box will charge £849.99 for this bundle - a saving of £18.98 compared to their individual prices - so it will really only be worth it if you're also happy to buy all the extras (or think you might be able to sell them on again).

In the UK, BT and EE both make the console available to their customers, though stock is just as limited as elsewhere. BT customers can order the PS5 via their MyBT account, while EE customers can order the PS5 and split the cost on their monthly mobile plan. The payment will be divided into 11 interest-free installments via EE's Add to Plan service. Since not everyone can take advantage of these offers, BT and EE customers should check stock regularly for new availability.

If you get really desperate, you can always just sit on Twitch. A Twitch channel has been set up that simply displays the results of a script that is constantly checking Xbox and PS5 stock at a range of retailers - mostly in the US, but Amazon UK and Game are in the mix too.

When is Black Friday 2021 and should you wait for a better deal?

Black Friday arrives on Friday 26 November this year, followed by Cyber Monday on 29 November, which leads to the question: should you wait until then for a better deal?

To be blunt: no. If you want the PS5 now and you see it in stock then pick it up. It's very unlikely that the console itself will see any serious reductions or offers over the sales season.

However, the same doesn't hold for games and accessories. So if you have managed to grab a PS5, then now's the perfect time to stock up on games, headsets, controllers, and other kit.

There's no need to wait for 26 November itself, of course. In the past, the biggest and best Black Friday deals were typically reserved for the big day, but this year Black Friday deals have already started - including Sony's own official sale.

Digital savings include 50% off Resident Evil Village, 30% off FIFA 22, and 50% off Deathloop, while the PlayStation Direct store has discounts on PS5 exclusives on disc. You can also grab a year of PlayStation Plus for just £33/$40, and save 20% on clothing and merch across the PlayStation Gear store with the code 'BLACKFRIDAY20'.

Most of these deals are being price-matched on Amazon too, where you can also save on a PS5 DualSense controller or the official Pulse 3D headset.

So if you see dramatic Black Friday discounts before 26 November, just go for it! Some retailers that hold pre-Black Fridays sales also promise that prices won't go any lower on Black Friday itself and offer to refund customers back the difference if it does. We're answering all your Black Friday-related questions here.

See the best deals across the web today.

When will the PS5 be back in stock?

Unfortunately it's difficult to predict exactly when more stock will appear, and it often appears at short notice, so the best bet is to keep an eye on all the retailers, and sign up for as many stock alerts as possible.

While availability is improving slightly, progress is slow, and Sony itself has now warned that the PS5 will remain hard to find through to 2022. That's thanks in large part to the ongoing global semiconductor shortage, which has reduced the availability of a few key components of the console.

“I don’t think demand is calming down this year and even if we secure a lot more devices and produce many more units of the PlayStation 5 next year, our supply wouldn’t be able to catch up with demand,” Sony's chief financial officer Hiroki Totoki told analysts, according to Bloomberg.

Despite that pessimism, Sony has forecast to sell at least 14.8 million consoles this financial year, after selling 7.8 million between the November launch and 31 March 2021. That pace will keep PS5 sales on track with the PS4, which has now sold more than 115.9 million units.

It's also worth noting that it's been reported that there is less stock for the PS5 Digital Edition than the regular PS5, with the ratio apparently as high at 80:20 at some stores. That means you should be prepared to pay more for the standard console if you can afford it, as you might have a better chance of securing one.

If you're lucky enough to grab a console, here's our guide to turning the PS5 off. No, really - it's harder than you'd think.

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