Narcos: Rise of the Cartels is just around the corner. The turn-based strategy game will focus the first season of the popular Netflix series, going into depth on two sides of the complex storyline that gripped so many viewers around the world. 

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The game will be available across all major platforms, but with a staggered release. PC gamers will be able to play from 19 November, but it won't be released until 6 December (10 December in the US) 

If you're planning on playing via Nintendo Switch, you'll have to wait until 14 February 2020, but it will be playable from 28 January 2020 in the US. There has been no indication that the game will be available on Mac. 

Confused? We are too. Hopefully things will become more clear when we run through all the ways you can buy the game ahead of time. 

How to pre-purchase Narcos: Rise of the Cartels

At the time of writing, the only place we have found a pre-purchase option is Green Man Gaming. Currently, you can purchase the game for £18.99/US$22.79, a saving of 24% on the RRP.

Steam, the most popular place for PC gamers to purchase new titles, is not offering any type of pre-ordering currently. 

Currently, the game is also not listed on the PlayStation or Microsoft stores, although that may change in the run-up to console release date. 

How to pre-order a physical copy

Where to buy in the UK:

Try these places if you're in the US:

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