Grab your dancing shoes and get your fierce on, because Just Dance 2020 is finally out. This iteration includes recent chart hits like "Old Town Road", as well as custom playlists and recommendations based on your previous choices. Kids categories are also back - to keep this game family friendly for the little ones.

Lots of stores are stocked up on the new party title, and we’ve rounded up the best places for you to check out to save lots of time.

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Where to download Just Dance 2020

If your games cupboard is overflowing and you’d like to stay in the digital age, then the major console sites are offering digital downloads for Just 2020. The game is out on four different consoles - Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4 and (very surprisingly) Nintendo Wii - though it probably comes as no surprise that you can’t download this version as the Wii stores stopped trading earlier this year. 

As for every other console, here’s where to look:

Nintendo Store UK (Switch) / Nintendo Store US (Switch)
PlayStation UK Store (PS4) / PlayStation US Store (PS4)
Microsoft Store UK (Xbox One) / Microsoft Store US (Xbox One)

How to order a physical copy

Prioritising console memory space over physical space in your home? Lots of stores have Just Dance in abundance, and we have cherry-picked some below. Don’t forget that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are both coming up, so if you can afford to wait, definitely check back with these retailers for some bargains.

Here’s the best places to pick up your copy in the UK:

Amazon UK

If you’re based in the US, here’s where you can get a copy:

Amazon US

Just Dance 2020 will also be available on Google Stadia upon launch date; we'll update this article with links for downloading it once we have it.