If you see PS4 games on shop shelves bearing the 'PlayStation Hits' branding, you might wonder what it means, and whether it means you're getting a different version of a game. Fear not: we explain all.

What is PlayStation Hits?

PlayStation Hits is simply the name Sony has given to its range of re-released classic games for the PlayStation 4. Every game in the range was either a critical or commercial hit (or both), which Sony has seen fit to re-release at a lower price point to help newer PS4 owners catch up on the back catalogue.

How much do PS Hits games cost?

As we said, PlayStation Hits games come at a slightly lower price: £15.99/$19.99/€19.99.

That's a big drop from the £50/$60 that new titles tend to launch at, and great value considering that some of these titles still command pretty high prices at retail thanks to high demand.

Which games are included?

So far there are more than 20 titles included in the PlayStation Hits range in the UK, which we've listed below along with links to buy them online where they're available. Remember that there are more games planned to be added over time.

Be aware that availability varies by country - at launch the US only has 15 titles for example, but includes some not available in the UK. Head to the official PlayStation Hits site to see the latest list for your region.

Do you get free DLC or other extras?

Sadly not - these aren't GOTY or complete editions of the game, but just re-releases of the base editions. That means you'll still need to buy and DLC or add-ons separately, just as you would if you'd bought the game in the first place.

For some titles then, you might actually be better looking around for a cheap copy of a game's GOTY edition if you know you'll want to grab all the DLC anyway.