The Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PlayStation VR are fully established and offer a range of titles for you to experience, which begs the question - which games should we be looking forward to this year? 2018 offered a number of new VR games, but 2019 looks to be the year that VR games truly come into their own.

But what have we got to look forward to in the near future? Here, we showcase some of the best VR games coming out in 2019 and beyond. 

Oh, and if you're new to the world of virtual reality, take a look at our complete guide to VR.


Release date: Christmas 2019
Platform(s): Oculus Rift

Stormland looks like it could be one of the best upcoming VR games, not least because it’s being developed by Insomniac, known for amazing games including Ratchet & Clank, Spyro and most recently, Spider-Man on the PS4.

The game was revealed at E3 2018 by Oculus, and is set to offer an open-world VR adventure where you play the role of a robot on a mission to reclaim the world after a devastating storm destroyed not only the environment, but also your robot’s body.

As you explore the vast open world, you’ll build up your robotic body to become a deadly fighting machine and save the world. It looks absolutely stunning, if the announcement trailer is anything to go by, and we hope that it comes to other headsets (like the Vive) sometime after release this year.

Untitled Respawn VR game

Release date: 2019
Platform(s): Oculus Rift

Respawn, the brains behind Titanfall and Apex Legends, has yet to lift the lid on the AAA VR title it has been working on for some time, but the teaser trailer gives away small titbits of information: it’s coming in 2019, it’ll offer a realistic depiction of being a soldier in combat and no, it won’t be Titanfall VR.

More information is expected to be revealed at Oculus Connect 6 in September, and we’ll update this section once it’s revealed.

Arizona Sunshine: The Damned

Release date: 2019
Platform(s): Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest, HTC Vive, Valve Index, PlayStation VR

Arizona Sunshine is one of our favourite VR games to date, and while the main campaign is thoroughly enjoyable and all-round zombie-tastic, the game has been available for three years now. That’s why Vertigo Games has been steadily pushing out DLC for the game – first Dead Man, and now The Damned, due out later in 2019.

Set prior to the events of the main campaign, The Damned features a large-scale environment comprised of a massive hydroelectric dam, cramped tunnels and, of course, a lot of zombies to take down.

You take on the role of a US Special Forces officer as you and your team clear a path through the undead to reactivate the generators of a hydroelectric dam. The aim is to restore power to the military’s nuclear missile systems and wipe out the zombie threat once and for all, but of course, the fact that the events of the main game exist suggests that this mission was a failure. It’s almost time to find out why…

Iron Man VR

Release date: 2019
Platform(s): PlayStation VR

Developed by Camoflaj, Iron Man VR puts you in the shoes of none other than billionaire philanthropist Tony Stark, otherwise known as Iron Man. You’ll be donning the famous suit throughout the game as you blast your way through the skies using your signature laser beams and blasters.

Though not much is revealed in the trailer, Ryan Paton of Camoflaj sheds more light on the premise on the PlayStation Blog. "In Marvel’s Iron Man VR the player, who plays as the genius inventor Tony Stark, confronts ghosts from his past — powerful forces who seek to ruin him and everything he stands for," Paton explains. You’ll come up against classic Marvel heroes and super villains as Stark takes on a mission to save not only himself and Stark Industries, but the world as we know it.

It’s set to be a PlayStation exclusive at launch, but we’re holding out hope that it’ll come to other platforms sooner or later.

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners

Release date: 2019
Platform(s): TBC

Skybound Entertainment and Skydance Interactive confirmed that a Walking Dead VR game was in the works back in 2017, though no details were provided. Not much else was said until 2018, when the developers confirmed the title and a handful of details about the game; it’s the first in a series of Walking Dead VR games and will be called The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners.

Per the developers, players will be tossed into the flooded remains of New Orleans and tasked with exploring the ruined city, dealing with walkers and other survivors that may (or may not) be friendly. It’s your choices in these moments that’ll brand you a saint or a sinner, suggesting that your actions will have an effect on the storyline.

Not much more is known about the game at this time, but we’re certainly looking forward to some zombie-filled VR action.

Lone Echo 2

Release date: Q1 2020
Platform(s): Oculus Rift

The first Lone Echo is a must-have for all Rift owner, offering an intuitive, immersive zero-gravity VR experience with guns and robots – what’s not to like? That looks to continue with Lone Echo 2, which the announcement trailer suggests will be a direct follow-on from the original, continuing the gripping the story of Jack and Liv.

Not much else is known beyond that, but given the quality of the first title and subsequent shooters Echo Arena and Echo Combat, we’re quietly excited for this one.

After The Fall

Release date: 2020
Platform(s): TBC

Yes, After The Fall is another VR zombie shooter, but this one offers something grander in scale when compared to the array of similar experiences currently available. After The Fall is the next project for Vertigo Games set in an 80s-themed apocalypse, and while that’s cool, it’s the co-op capabilities that really stand out.

The game offers large-scale maps with hordes of zombies of all shapes and sizes that can be tackled by a group of up to four players – something we got to experience at Gamescom 2019.

The scale of the hordes is impressive – it’s not quite WWZ-level, but it’s certainly larger scale than any other zombie FPS VR experience we’ve been hands-on with. There’s a variety of weapons available, all of which can be upgraded by finding components during your travels, and even an Iron Man-esque homing missile launcher built into your glove.

It’s zombie FPS cranked up to the next level, and we can’t wait to delve back in when it’s released in 2020.