You can find great discounts on gaming headsets all year round - you just need to know where to look. If you’re yet to pick one up or you’re looking to buy one for a loved one, Tech Advisor has you covered.

Here, we showcase the best gaming headset deals that we’ve found this February, along with buying advice for those who aren’t quite sure what to look for.

Best gaming headset deals

What to look for when buying a gaming headset

With so many deals to choose from, it can be hard to decide which is right for you.

Of course, the most important aspect of any gaming headset is audio quality; a great-sounding gaming headset will immerse you in the game you’re playing, and can even give you the upper-hand when playing multiplayer games. You’ll be able to pick out the sound of approaching enemy footsteps amongst the mayhem, giving you a chance to respond before being taken out.

But while audio quality is the most important factor, it’s not the only aspect to consider when on the hunt for a great gaming headset. The wired vs wireless debate has been raging for years with purists claiming that wireless headsets are laggy and simply don’t sound as good as wired counterparts, but we think that has changed in recent years.

If you’re on a budget, we’d recommend going for a wired headset – wireless connectivity is usually provided at the sacrifice of another feature in cheaper headsets – but if you’re looking for something premium, wireless connectivity is the way forward.

The only downside to wireless connectivity is that it isn’t platform-agnostic. Most wireless gaming headsets are designed with one console in mind, be it the PS4/PS5 or Xbox One/Series X|S, and the headset won’t wirelessly connect to any other console. PC gamers are a little bit luckier as, generally speaking, all wireless headsets are PC-compatible – even if they’re designed for console use.

Wired headsets, on the other hand, can be used across all consoles and PC as long as they feature a 3.5mm jack. The only exception is with headsets that are connected via USB – there may be restrictions on compatibility, but this is headset-dependent so do a bit of research before hitting that buy button.

Comfort is another important aspect to consider. After all, you’re going to be wearing the headset over long periods of play, so you need something that won’t make your ears sweat and make your head feel like it’s in a vice. Before buying a headset, take a look at the design and material used for padding – especially on the headband and earcups – as this largely dictates how comfortable a headset is going to be.

For more information, take a look at our roundup of the best gaming headsets and best cheap gaming headsets if you’re on a budget.

Where to find the best gaming headset deals

You can find gaming headsets for sale all year round, but not all deals are as good as they might first appear. The best places to find gaming headset discounts are GAME, Overclockers UK and, of course, Amazon.

Amazon’s Lightning Deals are usually a great way to bag a bargain, but there’s a catch; there’s limited stock, and the deals are only available for a short amount of time.

If you find that you’re constantly missing out on great Lightning deals, we’d recommend signing up to Amazon’s free 30-day Prime trial, providing 30-minute early access to Lightning deals along with Prime Video, Amazon Music and other benefits of the subscription service.

If you want to browse yourself, we’d recommend checking out these retailers for great deals:

Top gaming headset deals

1. Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2

From: Currys PC World

Was: £189

Now: £149  (£40 off)

The Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 has the top spot in our selection of the best gaming headsets, and with £40 off the £189 RRP, it's a good deal. 

2. HyperX Cloud Flight S

From: Amazon

Was: £149.99

Now: £125.93  (£24.06 off)

Get nearly £25 off HyperX's high-end wireless gaming headset, offering an impressive 30-hour battery life, virtual 7.1 surround sound support and compatibility with Qi wireless chargers. 

3. Creative SXFI Gamer

From: Creative

Was: £114.99

Now: £94.99  (£20 off with code)

Get £20 off Creative's gamer-focused SXFI Gamer headset using code WORLDOFWARSHIP at the checkout. Offering the company's patented Super Xi-Fi technology to customise the audio output to your hearing, it's a more personalised audio experience than most gaming headsets offer.

4. Turtle Beach Recon 70P

From: Currys PC World

Was: £29.99

Now: £24.99  (£5 off)

If you're looking for a cheap wired gaming headset that's compatible with all current and next-gen consoles, look no further than the Recon 70P.