Lego may have been around for a long time, but it still remains one of the most popular hobbies for kids and adults alike. There is a catch, though: those colourful plastic bricks and minifigures do not come cheap, so it's important to buy from the right place, at the right time, at the right price.

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If you're not sure whether you're getting a good deal, is great for checking official RRPs when you're sceptical about another site's offer, and occasionally has good deals of its own.

But you don't have to trawl through loads of sites yourself, because we've done the hard work for you. In this article we bring you the best Lego deals we've found across the web in the UK.

Best Lego deals

1. Lego City Cargo Train Set

From: Amazon

Was: £179.99

Now: £109.99  (£70 off for Prime members)

Tempting deal on a battery-powered train that can be operated via a 10-speed Bluetooth remote, and comes with a crook minifigure so you can stage your very own robberies.

2. Lego Technic Fast & Furious Dom's Dodge Charger Kit

From: Amazon

Was: £89.99

Now: £51.99  (38 off for Prime members)

If you're a Lego fan who is into replica models, then this one is perfect for any Fast & Furious fan. It comes with moving pistons, suspension, steering system and air blower, and best of all it's £38 cheaper for Prime members. 

3. Lego Central Perk Friends Cafe Set

From: Amazon

Was: £64.99

Now: £40.99  (£24 off for Prime members)

Celebrate the 30th anniversary of Friends with the iconic cafe set from the series, Central Perk. Get all five Friends characters - Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler and Ross, plus Gunther, and iconic props that we all know and love from this nineties sitcom. 

4. Lego Star Wars The Child Baby Yoda Figure

From: Amazon

Was: £69.99

Now: £46.99  (£23 off for Prime members)

The Child is a staple of the Star Wars series, so why not recreate this adorable character in Lego form? Prime members get £23 off the usual price during this flash sale. 

5. Lego City Fire Station Garage

From: Amazon

Was: £59.99

Now: £36.99  (£23 off for Prime members)

This firefighting-themed set comes with three levels, a fire chief, three firefighter minifigures, a dog and a water scooter. Prime members can get £23 off the usual price in the Amazon flash sale. 

6. Lego Harry Potter Whomping Willow Set

From: Amazon

Was: £59.99

Now: £39.49  (£20.50 off for Prime members)

If you love the Wizarding World, then you'll love this set of the Whomping Willow from Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets. Complete with figurines of Harry, Ron, Hermione and Snape, plus the Weasley's Ford Anglia. Prime members get over £20 off. 

7. Lego Star Wars Imperial TIE Fighter Toy

From: Amazon

Was: £34.99

Now: £22.99  (£12 off for Prime members)

Join the dark side with this Imperial TIE Fighter set, complete with Stormtroopers and an opening cockpit. During Amazon's Prime Day flash sale, members can get £12 off the usual price. 

8. Lego London Skyline Set

From: Amazon

Was: £44.99

Now: £26.99  (£18 for Prime members)

This London Skyline set features replicas of the National Gallery, Nelson’s Column, London Eye, Big Ben and Tower Bridge. Grab it with this Prime Day saving whilst you can.