Having quiet technology is becoming increasingly important within the home.

Recent John Lewis figures show almost half of Brits consider sound an important factor when buying home appliances, and 62 percent of those with an open plan kitchen, lounge or dining room.

The World Health Organisation warns that noise is an environmental nuisance and a threat to health including increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease.

On a personal level, noise can affect sleep, it makes it harder to concentrate and can cause irritable social behaviour.

Last month John Lewis released figures showing sales of the products it supports for lower noise output have increased by 33 percent each year.

Finding quiet ratings for products can be difficult and time consuming, that’s why we've put together a list of some of the best quiet technology in the UK for you.

Best quiet tech: What to be aware of

More likely than not the quieter the appliance, the more expensive it is. Make sure you also take into consideration energy and performance efficiency when justifying the price tag.

Some products will claim to be quiet or silent, but it is worth checking if they have dB figures listed or trusted reviews, such as on Which.co.uk.

No retailer yet lets you sort products by level of noise, so look out for the purple Q or mention of Quiet Mark.

Best quiet tech: How the decibel works

The decibel (dB) is used to relatively measure the intensity of sound levels, and what is used to determine how loud home technology is – it’s a logarithmic way of measuring a ratio of power, sound, pressure, voltage or intensity.

On the decibel scale, a sound that is 10 times more powerful than 0 (near silence) is 10 dB, a sound 100 times more powerful than 0 is 20 dB, and 1000 times more powerful is 20 dB.

The measurement is not linear, so while some products may have similar decibel numbers, some products will be a lot quieter than others.

To put it into perspective, a normal conversation is held at 60 dB, compared to the sound of a lawnmower at 90 dB and a concert at around 120 dB.

Any noise above 85 dB can cause hearing damage, depending on the power of the sound and the length of exposure.

The World Health Organisation says among the main sources of indoor noise is home appliances, and recommends that continuous indoor noise should not exceed 30 dB, and five to 10 dB lower than that is optimal for a good night’s sleep.

 Retailers are under increased pressure to put noise ratings on products to make sure you know if you’re going to be exposed to large amounts of noise.

Best quiet tech: How Quiet Mark works

Certain products by brands including John Lewis, Panasonic and Dyson are endorsed by Quiet Mark, the international mark of approval from the UK’s Noise Abatement Society, encouraging the design of quieter products. This was launched in 2012.

Although sound testing is part of the product development stage of many manufacturers, there is no universal standardised approach for comparing different products, and no retailer yet lets you sort their products by noisiness when looking to buy online.

When a product’s decibel range is listed under its specs, the number is applied to a sound pressure level greater than the reference pressure of 20 micro Pascals ( or 0.00002Pa).

The ‘A’ weighting scale is used to denote pressure fluctuations analysed after filtering for the response of the human ear.

The unit quoted on energy rating labels for fridges and washing machines is used as a form of standardisation for the use of the sound power level, and refers to the total power (in Watts) emitted, as sound energy.

It is a feature of the noise source, and independent of the environment in which it is set. Quiet Mark uses a decibel ratio to express sound power. The reference power is 1 pico watt (or 0.000000000001 W). 

The following products have been approved by Quiet Mark and are some of the best quiet options in the UK right now.

Best quiet tech

LG TrueSteam Direct Drive Dishwasher D1454BF

Sound power level: 38 dB(A)

Bearing in mind a whisper is at 35dB, this dishwasher is one of the quietest on the market. It also comes with a SmartRack for loading flexibility, and a steam cycle for those fragile wine glasses or pots.

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Best quiet tech

Servis DN61039SS Dishwasher

Sound power level: 39 dB

This dishwasher also runs at an impressive 39dB and comes with a Microban filter to help get rid of bacteria.

 It rates A+++ in both energy efficiency and cleaning performance.

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Best quiet tech

Whirlpool Supreme Care Washing Machine FSCR 12441

Sound power level washing: 48 (dB(A)

Although pricey, this washing machine is extremely quiet and has an A+++ energy rating, and 1400 rpm spinning efficiency, so it may be worth the investment.

It’s 6th Sense feature adapts resources dependant on your washing cycle to save more energy, and you can set washing cycles from the app when you’re away from home.

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Best quiet tech

Panasonic Tumble Dryer NH-P8ER1WGB

Sound power level for standard cotton programme: 66 dB

This tumble dryer has an 8kg load capacity, gentle to clothing and an eco/speed option using an inverter motor, not to mention class A+++ energy efficiency.

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Best quiet tech

John Lewis Heat Pump Condensed Tumble Dryer JLTDH20

Sound power level: 66 dB

The drying process is monitored by the dampness of the clothes. It comes with a light inside so you can find those socks that always go missing, and an A+ energy efficiency.

Best quiet tech

Dualit Classic Kettle 72820 Whisper Boil

Sound power level: Decibels not specified, Quiet Mark Approved

The Dualit Classic Kettle is fitted with a 3KW element, making for quick boiling time. It will boil enough water for two cups in less than a minute and a half. 

According to Which reviews, it is noticeably quieter than other kettles and has a replaceable element that lengthens the life span. 

Best quiet tech

Quiet PC Nofan A480S Skylake Silent Desktop

Sound power level: Decibels not specified, Quiet Mark Approved

The computer is designed specifically to offer a silent operation. It uses an IcePipe processor cooler for no noise, no dust, no moving parts and no maintenance. 

Quiet Mark lists a range of computers from Quietpc.com that can also be bought as alternatives to this product.

Best quiet tech

John Lewis JLUCLS6007 Larder Fridge

Sound level: 38 dB

This fridge has a capacity of 152 litres – good for storage under the kitchen counter for drinks but probably not as your main food fridge.

It has an A+ energy efficiency rating, but the main thing is this won’t disturb you with noise when in the kitchen.

Best quiet tech

Magimix 5200XL Premium BlenderMix Food Processor

Sound level: Decibels not specified, Quiet Mark Approved

The food processor is great for blending and processing, but not so efficient with grating. It’s easy to clean and isn’t very noisy.

Don’t expect to move the machine often, it’s a heavy 11kg.

Best quiet tech

Dyson Cool AM08 Pedestal Fan

Sound level: Decibels not specified, Quiet Mark Approved

Again, although this product doesn’t specify its sound level in decibels, the Dyson fan range was the only one listed on Quiet Mark.

It is pricey compared to most other fans on the market, but the stylish, bladeless fan creates a powerful air projection. However, it is known to get noisier when put on high levels.

Another option is the 12 inch Dyson desk fan, which also has the Quiet Mark approval.

Best quiet tech

Viking MA 443 Cordless Lawnmower

Sound power level: 94 dB(A)

This lawn mower is battery powered and light. It is best used for medium-sized lawns where noise and electricity may be an issue.

It’s sound power level sits at 94 dB(A) and sound pressure level at 90 dB(A), and a battery life ranging from 12 minutes to 400 minutes depending on which you chose to buy.

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Best quiet tech

Robomow RS615 Automatic Robotic Lawnmower

Sound power level: 72dB

You have to be serious about lawn mowing to justify splashing out on this electric cordless lawnmower, but it also happens to be one of the quietest mowers out there.

The machine syncs to the Robomow app on your smartphone using Bluetooth, letting the machine do the hard work for you.