If you don't yet have a dash cam in your car, now is an excellent time to buy one. There are plenty of great deals around and we've saved you the time hunting for them by rounding them up into one convenient place: right here.

A dash cam records the view out of your windscreen as you drive, so you have video evidence should anything untoward happen. This can be submitted as evidence in the event of an insurance claim, and some insurers even offer a discount on your premium if you fit a dash cam.

Recording just a forward-facing view isn't as good as having both front and rear cameras, and there are becoming more good-value deals in this area, so you don't need to spend silly money to have a front-plus-rear setup.

The benefit of this over buying two separate dash cams is that the video clips will be in sync and have identical timestamps.

Best dash cam deals right now

What to look for in dash cam deals

Many dash cams come without a microSD card, but you'll need one to store the videos. Cards are fairly inexpensive (under £10 for a 32GB card), but if you find a deal with a branded 32- or 64GB card bundled, that can represent a decent saving.

Aside from that, you're really just looking for the lowest possible price for the dash cam itself. And that's where we come in: we know what these dash cams usually cost, so the deals you see here are cheaper than the regular price.

Don't be taken in by inflated RRPs and hefty discounts off those, which are sadly far too common online these days.

Many people choose to connect their dash cam to their car's 12V accessory socket, but if you prefer a cleaner look (or your accessory socket remains live when you switch off the ignition) you can look for deals which include a "hard wire" kit.

This is for connecting your dash cam to your car's fuse box, but unless you are a competent DIYer you'll need to get a hard wire kit professionally installed.

We've reviewed the best dash cams, so check out our recommendations of the best models to buy.

Where to find dash cam deals

Amazon is one of the best places to look, but don't forget Halfords in the UK, which often discounts popular models and offers the benefit of bricks-and-mortar stores so you can go and have a look before you buy. There's also Argos, plus Currys PC World and John Lewis.

Occasionally manufacturers offer discounts as well, but you're more likely to find a bargain from retailers.

Best dash cam deals

1. Nextbase 422GW

From: Halfords

Was: £129

Now: £103  (£26 off)

Just one step down from the current flagship in Nextbase's Series 2 range, the 422GW has a big features list, including built-in Alexa, Emergency SOS calling and more. It's also compatible with the three Nextbase rear cameras. Read our Nextbase 422GW review for more details.

At this price, it's great value.

2. Nextbase 612GW 4K GPS Dash Cam

From: Euro Car Parts

Was: £249.99

Now: £125  (50% off)

When the 612GW was launched it really did cost £250. Now, you can get it for half price, partly because Nextbase is soon to launch its replacement, the 622GW. This isn't the cheapest price we've ever seen for it: that was £109 from John Lewis, but this is the next best price until that offer returns.

If you really want a 4K dash cam - one that records at four times higher resolution than full HD - it's a good deal. 

3. Crosstour CR600 Front and Rear Dash Cam

From: Amazon

Was: £79.99

Now: £45.99  (£34 off)

This deal is for a 1080p front camera and 720p rear camera. There's a parking mode, G-sensor and motion detection. The deal has been cheaper before, dropping down to little under £32, but at £45.99, it's still a good price for a front and rear camera combo. 

4. Nextbase 222X front + rear dash cam

From: Argos

Was: £99.99

Now: £89.99  (£10 off)

This is a great price for this bundle. The rear view cam is £49.99 on its own, so you're getting the 222 for the same price.

Just note that while the 222 can usually record at 1920x1080, when you connect the rear camera that drops to 1440x1080, and the rear camera records at 1280x720. That's one reason why this kit is less than £100, but if you're looking for a front and rear setup, this is a good bet.

5. Nextbase 312GW

From: Amazon

Was: £99.99

Now: £72.95  (£27.04 off)

Now that the 312GW is a 'previous generation' model, it's being phased out in favour of the new 322GW. But at this price it's a great deal and image quality is really no better on the new model - you simply miss out on some new features such as built-in Alexa and Emergency SOS calling.

6. Garmin Dash Cam 65W with 8GB microSD card

From: Halfords

Was: £179

Now: £125  (£54 off)

The Garmin 65W offers good quality video and this deal includes an 8GB microSD card. That won't store much video before it starts getting overwritten, but it's still a good price.

When is Black Friday 2020 - should you wait for a better deal?

Black Friday will take place on Friday 27 November, immediately followed by Cyber Monday on 30 November. Traditionally the biggest sales event of the year, it may yet throw up some even greater tech deals - but with so much uncertainty around finance and retail, and no guarantees regarding what discounts we will see, we advise you not to wait: if you see a deal you like, on a product you need, and you can afford the outlay, buy it today.