James Bond will return to our screens with a bang in 2020, with 007's 25th outing coming almost five years after his last in Spectre.

No Time to Die will be Daniel Craig's final appearance as Bond, as iconic villain Blofeld returns. 

With that in mind, there are a number of great Bond-inspired gifts out there. Check out our round-up of the best around. 


Aston Martin experience

While you probably won't be able to buy a brand new Aston Martin for yourself, this is probably the next best thing!

At 13 locations across the UK you can channel your inner 007 by driving the iconic DB5. What's more, you'll also be able to get behind the wheel of the stunning V8 Vantage. The day will also include a three-mile blast of both vehicles, allowing you to really put these cars through their paces. 

This is the perfect gift for Bond and racing fans alike, which you can buy now for £79.


Master Lock Bluetooth Smart Padlock

Wouldn't it be great to be able to do away with keys for good, and use your smartphone as your key? The Master Lock Bluetooth Smart Padlock offers just that, boasting the ability to be unlocked via the Master Lock eLock app available for iOS and Android. From the app, you can allow fellow spies access your padlock, although rules can be set that can restrict access on certain days, between certain times, etc. and even if your phone battery dies, you can always input the backup code via the built-in directional keypad. 

While some may be wary about the inclusion of Bluetooth technology, Master Lock claims its smart padlocks feature "military-grade authentication and encryption" which should ensure that only the people you grant access to, can unlock the lock - perfect for hiding those top secret classified files. While the standard version can only be used indoors, Master Lock also released a waterproof variation to be used in the great outdoors.

You can buy it now for £49.99.


Sony Xperia 1

Sony Xperia 1

One of the best gadgets anyone can carry around with them is a smartphone. Bond used the Sony Xperia Z5 in 2015's Spectre, but we'd expect him to have an upgrade by the time we get to 2020. 

If he continues to go down the Sony route, the Xperia 1 is a great choice. It's a stunning phone packed full of modern features and a solid camera.

You can buy it now for £849.95.



Smartphone cameras are incredibly capable nowadays, but in certain circumstances - say photographing nuclear missile plant diagrams while hiding from foreign embassy staff - you might need a little help. Olloclip is an ingenious range of attachable lenses that slide onto your handset and add a variety of specialist capabilities such as Macro, Wide-Angle, and Telephoto. They all fit in your pocket too.

You can buy it now for £42.44.


Spy Sunglasses

These Spy Sunglasses from Kaleser are perfect for a little incognito filming.

The built-in video camera is capable of recording 1080p video, with the 65-degree wide angle lens means you won't miss anything in your footage. 

Crucially, the tech adds very little bulk so they'll be just as light as regular sunglasses.

You can buy them now for £49.99.


Spy Watch 4GB

No secret agent would be worth their salt unless they could synchronise their watches. With the Spy Watch 4GB, not only can you get to the rendezvous on time, but you can use the device to record video, audio, and even take photographs.

You can buy it now for £14.97.


Wi-Fi coffee machine

We're yet to be convinced there's a need for a coffee machine you can control from your phone, but it's certainly something Bond would use. The Expert Xn600840 by NESPRESSO uses Bluetooth to allow you prepare coffee from the other room or even schedule a cup to be ready for when you wake up.

It's that sort of planning ahead that would give Bond the ultimate start to his day.

What's more. Currys are offering 100 free capsules and a 2 month coffee subscription when you buy the this machine.. 

You can buy it now for £199.99.