While the concept of smart doorbells would’ve been laughed at 10 years ago, there are plenty of smart camera- and voice-enabled doorbells on the market in 2020 – so many, in fact, that it can be pretty hard to choose between them. They’re generally not that cheap, granted, but retailers do offer discounts from time to time that makes them a little more tempting.

But which deals are the best? Using our expert knowledge, we’ve scoured the web for the latest and greatest smart doorbell deals available right now for the likes of Ring, Nest, Netatmo and even a couple that you might not have heard of.

Some of the best retailers to check out for smart doorbells in the UK including Amazon, Currys PC World, eBuyer and Argos.

When it comes to Ring, arguably the main provider of smart doorbells in the UK, the prices can vary quite a bit. The most popular of the range is the Ring Video Doorbell 2, offering 1080p HD video, two-way chat and integration with Amazon Alexa. It tends to retail at around £179, so anything cheaper than £150 is a deal worth considering.

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Those who want something a little more premium can opt for the Ring Video Doorbell Pro at £229, offering higher quality video playback in a more attractive design than the standard model.

You’ve also got the Ring Door View Cam, a smart doorbell that connects to your viewfinder. It’s the same price as the second-gen Video Doorbell at £179, although we haven’t seen many discounts just yet because it’s still relatively new – it only launched in June 2019.

Ring aside, you’ve got similar options available from the likes of Nest and Netatmo.

Like the Doorbell Pro, the Nest Hello is one of the more expensive smart doorbells on the market with an RRP of £229, but it offers high-quality HDR video, Google Assistant integration and advanced features like facial recognition, 24/7 recording and more via the Nest Hello monthly subscription.

The good news is that the Nest Hello has been out for a while and is often discounted at retailers. We’ve seen deals for around the £200 mark, so anything cheaper is a steal.

It’s worth pointing out that while the likes of Ring and Nest produce the most popular smart doorbells, there are plenty of other manufacturers offering similar products at much cheaper price points. These may tend to be a little rough around the edges, especially in terms of companion apps, but it’s a route worth considering if smart doorbells are generally out of your price range.

Lastly, it’s worth mentioning that these deals are usually only around for a few days, so if you do see a smart doorbell deal that tempts you, we’d recommend buying it sooner rather than later.

For more smart doorbell inspiration, take a look at our selection of the best smart doorbells available right now.

Best smart doorbell deals of January 2020

1. Ring Video Doorbell 2

From: eBuyer

Was: £179

Now: £119  (£60 off)

This is the cheapest you can pick up the 1080p camera-enabled Ring Video Doorbell 2 right now, offering £60 off the £179 RRP. 

2. Ring Video Doorbell Pro + Chime

From: Trading Depot

Now: £169

Ring's Video Doorbell Pro is still expensive at just under £160, but with almost £60 off the £229 RRP and a free Chime, there's a bargain to be had. 

3. Nest Hello Video Doorbell

From: Kohl's

Was: $229.99

Now: $149.99  ($80 off )

The Nest Hello video doorbell is the ideal option for those that use Google Assistant at home, and with $80 off, it's a deal worth considering. 

4. Ring Video Doorbell 2 + Chime + Spare Battery

From: Amazon

Now: £227.99

It may be more expensive than the standalone Ring doorbell, but this bundle comes with everything you need to get your setup organised, including a dedicated door Chime and a spare battery that you can use when charging the primary battery. 

When is Black Friday 2020 - should you wait for a better deal?

Black Friday will take place on Friday 27 November, immediately followed by Cyber Monday on 30 November. Traditionally the biggest sales event of the year, it may yet throw up some even greater tech deals - but with so much uncertainty around finance and retail, and no guarantees regarding what discounts we will see, we advise you not to wait: if you see a deal you like, on a product you need, and you can afford the outlay, buy it today.