Now that we're all spending more time at home, there probably isn't a better time to begin converting your home into a smart one, and it doesn't have to expensive either. Google's smart speakers like the Nest Mini or Home Mini are around £50 or cheaper.

In this article, we'll go into what to expect from each model, where to pick each up at the best price, along with the best deals and bundles on now from various retailers.

Google Home and Nest prices

There are six Google smart home devices to choose from in all. The Google Nest Hub is also now £40 cheaper with the price permanently dropping from £119/$129 to £79.99/$89.99.

  • Google Home (£89/$99)
  • Nest Mini (£49/$49)
  • Home Mini (original model, £49/$49)
  • Home Max (£299/$299)
  • Nest Hub (previously Home Hub) - now £79.99/$89.99, was £119/$129
  • Google Nest Hub Max (£219/$229).

Also see our full guide to the best Google Home speaker.

Our top picks - best Google Home and Nest deals 

Th best Google smart home deal we're seeing right now is from MyMemory, which is offering the Home Mini for £21.99. It was previously £19.99, but despite the £2 increase, it's still the cheapest price around.

Currys is also selling the Nest Hub for £79 with 6 months of Spotify Premium. Head to Currys now to see this deal.

1. Google Nest Mini (2nd generation)

From: Appliances Direct

Was: £49

Now: £21.97  (£27 off)

The Nest mini is just under £22 from Appliances Direct. It's the best price we're seeing right now.

2. Google Nest Hub


Was: £79

Now: £59  (£20 off)

This deal from AO slashes £20 off the 7in Google smart display. Read our full Google Nest Hub review.

3. Google Nest Mini with Chromecast

From: Scan

Was: £79

Now: £64.79  (£15 off + free smart fridge cam worth £30)

Pick up this incredible bundle Nest Mini and Chromecast bundle that also includes a free smart fridge cam worth £30.

4. Google Nest Hub Max

From: Currys PC World

Was: £219

Now: £159  (£60 off)

Pick up the Google Nest Hub Max with £60 off from Currys, which is cheaper than buying directly from Google. The deal also lets you get Nest Mini for £10.

5. Boxt Boiler

From: Boxt

Now: Up to £200 off boiler  (with free Google Nest Thermostat, Nest Stand & Home Mini)

If you're after a new boiler this winter, it's a great time look at Boxt's offers which now come with a free Nest Learning Thermostat (worth £219), Nest Stand (worth £35) and a Home Mini (worth £49).

6. Nest Indoor Security Camera

From: Amazon

Was: £129.99

Now: £78.99  (£50 off)

Monitor what's going on inside your home with Nest.

See our comparison of prices across UK retailers with our tool below for the cheapest price:

Lowest Google Home and Nest prices in UK by retailer

Google Home/Nest Mini deals

Google Nest Mini

We would recommend picking up the Nest Mini, which is the 2nd generation Home Mini, if you've just started making your home into a smart home. The Nest Mini is compact and cheaper compared to the larger Google speakers. See our full review of the Nest Mini, which received a full 5/5 stars.

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You can also pick up the first generation Home Mini, which looks identical, but with a less powerful processor and speaker. If you go with this older option, you should not be paying the full RRP (£49.99) – ensure prices are lower, or opt for the newer Nest Mini instead. 

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Best Google Home deals

Google Home

The original Google Home typically costs £89, so look out for offers below this price. Though it's been upgraded to the Google Home Max (see deals below), it remains to be one of the best smart speakers around – and much cheaper than the Max.

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Best Google Home Max deals

Google Max

The Home Max promises the best and biggest sound – and with stereo speakers, it's comparable to the Sonos One. It does come at the max price though at £299.

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Best Google Nest Hub deals

The Nest Hub is Google's smart speaker with a display and retails at £119. It was previously called the Home Hub. While it pretty much looks like a tablet mounted on a speaker, it doesn't offer a camera that you might expect (see the Nest Hub Max option below if you prefer a camera).

The audio quality isn't particularly brilliant, but you do get a great 7in touchscreen display and two far-field microphones that are responsive even if you're not very close to the device.

The Nest Hub is better suited for places like the kitchen because you get both spoken responses from Google Assistant, along with visual responses, like a photo or video if you wanted to pull up a recipe or picture.

See our full review of the Nest Hub for everything these is to know.

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Google Nest Hub Max deals

Google Nest Hub Max

The much larger Nest Hub Max, which costs £219/$229 adds more functionality to the Nest Hub with a camera, which means you can make video calls. It also offers a 10in screen (instead of 7in).

The camera on the Nest Hub is a Nest Security Cam with a wide 127-degree field of vision, which means it can track you in video calls as you move around the room –  a handy feature if you're busy doing other things while having a chat.

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When is Black Friday 2020 - should you wait for a better deal?

Black Friday will take place on Friday 27 November, immediately followed by Cyber Monday on 30 November. Traditionally the biggest sales event of the year, it may yet throw up some even greater tech deals - but with so much uncertainty around finance and retail, and no guarantees regarding what discounts we will see, we advise you not to wait: if you see a deal you like, on a product you need, and you can afford the outlay, buy it today.