Apple One bundles together every subscription service Apple offers right now into a neat package, and it offers a discount compared to subscribing individually too. Offerings start with a combination of Apple TV, Apple Music, Apple Arcade and iCloud storage, while the more dedicated Apple fans can go all-out with Apple News+ and Apple Fitness+ too.

It seems like a great deal but is Apple One really worth subscribing to, or are you better off with your individual subscriptions? Keep reading to find out.  

How much does Apple One cost?

Let’s first establish how much Apple One costs, and what you’ll get as part of each subscription. Apple One is split into three tiers – Individual, Family and Premier – with varying options depending on your needs.

The Individual plan provides a single subscription to Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade and 50GB of iCloud storage for just £14.95/$14.95 per month – a saving of £6/$6 per month if you were subscribing individually.

The next step up is the Family plan, which allows you to share the same services as the Individual plan with up to six family members, and there’s a bump to 200GB of storage too. That’ll cost £19.95/$19.95 per month.

The big, all-encompassing subscription dubbed Apple One Premier comes in at £29.95, but there’s good reason for the jump in price; it offers everything from the family plan along with subscriptions to News+ and Apple Fitness+ as well as a huge bump to 2TB of iCloud storage for up to six members of the family.

When you consider it’s potentially saving you a gym membership and multiple magazine subscriptions, the price becomes a little more tempting.

If you are interested in subscribing to Apple One, you can do so directly from the iCloud section of the Settings app on an iPhone, iPad or Mac.

Is Apple One worth subscribing to?

The big question is, is Apple One worth the money? Like most subscription services these days, it’ll largely depend on personal circumstances.

While Apple One likely won’t tempt someone who doesn’t currently subscribe to any of Apple’s services, the prospect is much more tempting for those who do – especially considering the savings on offer compared to subscribing to each service individually.

The Individual plan is easier to justify if you’re currently subscribing to the £9.99/$9.99 Apple Music and £4.99/$4.99 Apple TV+/Apple Arcade, as the combined two services cost the same amount as the entry-level plan with additional access to iCloud storage and a subscription you might not have tried otherwise.  

It’s also a tempting option for families already invested in various Apple subscriptions, as paying for individual Family plans on more than two Apple services will work out more expensive than the Apple One Family plan.

It’ll mainly depend on whether you plan to get much usage out of the various subscriptions in the various Apple One bundles.

Apple Music’s huge library of Lossless content is great for audiophiles and the spatial audio for AirPods users is a gamechanger in music streaming, Apple Arcade’s 100+ game library is perfect for picky mobile gamers, Fitness+ is ideal for those that love exercise classes, News+ provides premium coverage from a range of publishers in a single app and iCloud storage helps keep your photos, videos and other documents safe.

If you’ve got an interest in most if not all of Apple’s services, Apple One is likely for you. But, if you’re only interested in one or two services – especially the cheaper Apple Arcade and Apple TV+ subscriptions – then you might save a bit of money by subscribing individually.  

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