Apple unveiled the third-generation iPhone SE alongside the new iPad Air and Mac Studio at its March 2022 event, and while it might not look any different on the surface, it boasts key upgrades including the A15 Bionic, 5G connectivity and much-improved battery life.

The budget-focused iPhone SE 3 is now available to buy around the world – and here’s everything you need to know about buying one, whether you’re based in the UK or US.

When will the iPhone SE 3 be released?

The third-gen iPhone SE is now available to buy following release on 18 March 2022

How much does the iPhone SE 3 cost?

The iPhone SE has always been Apple’s budget-friendly iPhone, and that hasn’t changed with the third-gen model – but the price has slightly increased compared to its predecessor. The iPhone SE 3 starts at £419/$429, up from the £399/$399 of the second-gen model.

Of course, there are also different storage options – 64GB, 128GB and 256GB this time around – to take into consideration. The more storage you want, the more you’ll need to pay.

Here’s how much the new iPhone SE range costs:

  • 64GB: £419 / $429
  • 128GB: £469 / $479
  • 256GB: £569 / $579

For context, even with a slight price increase, the iPhone SE is still £380/$370 cheaper than the flagship iPhone 13 while offering the same A15 Bionic chipset and 5G connectivity at its heart.

Where can I buy the iPhone SE 3?

The main retailer stocking the iPhone SE in the UK and US is the Apple Store, but other retailers and networks also offer the ability to buy the smartphone - both outright and on a contract basis. 

We’ve listed everywhere you can buy the iPhone SE 3 in the UK and US right now, both SIM-free and on contract, and we'll update the lists as more retailers offer the smartphone.


If you're more interested in getting the iPhone SE on contract:

  • Vodafone - from £28 per month with £19 upfront for 2GB of data
  • EE - from £39 per month with £40 upfront for 40GB of data
  • O2 - from £27.50 per month with £10 upfront for 2GB of data
  • Three - from £30 per month with £9 upfront for 1GB of data (half price at £15 per month for 6 months)
  • Sky Mobile - from £20 per month with no upfront cost for 2GB of data


If getting the iPhone SE on contract is a more appealing prospect:

  • AT&T - from $11.95 per month
  • Verizon - from $11.94 per month

We're also tracking the latest prices in realtime, which you can find below:

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