Apple's upgraded fifth-generation iPad Air, sports key upgrades including an ultra-wide 12Mp front-facing camera with Apple’s AI-powered Center Stage technology, upgraded 5G connectivity and the same Apple M1 chip found not only in the latest iPad Air, but the likes of the 24in iMac and MacBook Air too.

In fact, Apple claims that the M1 in the new iPad Air represents a 60% boost to CPU performance and up to 2x the power in the GPU department compared to the A14 Bionic in the 2020 iPad Air.

Despite this, the new iPad Air starts at the same $599 in the US, and it’s actually £10 cheaper in the UK at £569.

With the powerful fifth-gen iPad Air now available worldwide, here’s all you need to know about buying one in the UK or US. For more on what the new tablet offers, take a look at the latest iPad Air (2022) news and our iPad Air 5 (2022) review.

How much does the new iPad Air cost?

There’s good news and bad news here. Let’s start with the good; the Wi-Fi-only models are the same price as their predecessor in the US, starting at $599 for 64GB, while it’s actually £10 cheaper in the UK at £569.

The bad news is that the same can’t be said for the cellular variants of the iPad Air, which have seen an increase both in the UK and US likely due to the upgraded 5G connectivity on offer, starting at £719/$749 compared to £709/$729.

Here’s a complete price breakdown for the iPad Air (2022) range:

  • iPad Air (64GB, Wi-Fi): £569/$599
  • iPad Air (256GB, Wi-Fi): £719/$749
  • iPad Air (64GB, Wi-Fi & Cellular): £719/$749
  • iPad Air (256GB, Wi-Fi & Cellular): £869/$899

Where can I buy the iPad Air (2022)?

The iPad Air (2022) range is primarily available from the Apple Store in the UK and US, but there are plenty of third-party retailers and networks that also offer the tablet - both SIM-free and on contract. 

With that being said, we’ve listed everywhere you can buy the new iPad Air right now.



We're also tracking the latest iPad Air (2022) prices in realtime below, so act quickly if you find yourself a bargain:

iPad Air 5 (2022) - 64GB, Wi-Fi

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iPad Air 5 (2022) - 256GB, Wi-Fi

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