The Apple Watch Series 6 is well over a year old now, but it's still one of the best smartwatches you can buy. A combination of premium hardware and excellent software make for a winning combination, especially if you update to watchOS 8. 

It might have been replaced as Apple's flagship wearable by the Series 7, but there are only a handful of differences between the two. Unless you value a slightly more durable build or a curved-edge display, the Series 6 will probably still provide everything you're looking for.

It's also where you'll see most of the big discounts. If you're considering buying the Apple Watch Series 6 and are based in the UK or US, here's everything you need to know.

Best Apple Watch Series 6 deals

Apple is no longer selling the Watch Series 6 on its website, but it's still available via the following third-party retailers in the UK. There are some useful discounts, too:

  • Amazon - from £229 (40mm), £259 (44mm)
  • John Lewis - from £279 (40mm), £349 (44mm)
  • Laptops Direct - cellular models only from £349 (40mm), £499 (44mm)
  • AO - from 40mm currently out of stock, 44mm unavailable
  • Argos - only 44m cellular at £359.20 but not in stock anywhere

In the US, it's available contract-free via the following:

  • Amazon - refurbished models only from $249.95 (40mm), $254.95 (44mm)
  • Best Buy - from $399 (40mm), $429 (44mm) - Series 7 models often appear first in search results
  • Walmart - from $322.86 (40mm), $379 (44mm)
  • Target - from $399.99 (40mm), 44mm out of stock

Can you buy the Apple Watch Series 6 on contract?

Yes, but stock from all the leading carriers is very limited these days. In fact, it's only currently listed on the website of the following UK networks:

  • O2 - 44mm (£20 per month with no upfront cost for unlimited data), 40mm no longer available
  • EE - 40mm out of stock, 44mm in stock but no plans available

We haven't found anywhere selling the Watch Series 6 on contract in the US, as of April 2022. The closest you'll find are monthly payment plans at Verizon and T-Mobile, although the latter is currently out of stock.

Latest Apple Watch Series 6 prices

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To learn more about specific deals, check out the offers below:

1. Apple Watch Series 6 (44mm, GPS + Cellular) - Refurbished "Good"

From: Music Magpie

Was: £509

Now: £289.99  (£219 off)

Music Magpie has a stunning offer on the 44mm Watch 6 (Cellular) in 'Good' condition with £219 off compared to its original RRP.

2. Apple Watch Series 6 (44mm, Cellular) with Silver Milanese Loop

From: Amazon

Was: £749

Now: £541.36  (£207.64 off)

The most expensive Apple Watch 6 model now has a discount that outdoes the £150 Black Friday saving!

3. Apple Watch Series 6 (44mm, cellular)

From: Amazon

Was: £509

Now: £349  (£160 off)

Save £160 on the 44mm Watch 6 with cellular connectivity from Amazon.

4. Apple Watch 6 (40mm, Cellular) - Refurbished

From: MusicMagpie

Was: £479

Now: £260.99  (£218 off)

This refurbished Watch Series 6 40mm, in "Good" condition, saves you £218 off the original price thanks to Music Magpie's Winter Sale. MusicMagpie offers a 14-day money-back guarantee and a 12-month warranty. Delivery is free.

If you trade in your old devices, books, or DVD/CDs, you can get even more money off this Apple Watch. 

5. Apple Watch Series 6 (40mm)

From: John Lewis

Was: £379

Now: £279  (£100 off)

It cost £379 when new, so this is a generous saving; bearing in mind that the Series 7 does not represent a huge step forward, making this an excellent at under £300. It's a better deal than the Black Friday price of £289.

6. Apple Watch Series 6 (40mm, GPS) - Renewed

From: Amazon

Was: £379

Now: £269  (£110 off)

Save £110 on the 40mm Watch 6 with GPS from Amazon when you buy renewed.

7. Apple Watch Series 6 (40mm, Cellular, refurbished)

From: Apple Refurbished Store

Was: £479

Now: £369  (£110 off)

With the Apple Watch Series 7 now on sale, Apple has begun selling refurbished models of the last-gen but still capable Apple Watch Series 6 via its Refurb Store. Get £110 off the 40mm variant of Series 6 complete with cellular connectivity. 

8. Apple Watch Series 6 (44mm, cellular) with 4GB data

From: EE

Now: £26 per month

EE only has a few of the Apple Watch 6 with Cellular in stock. If you want to reduce your monthly cost for 4GB data, you can opt for the £24 per month deal with a £30 upfront cost. Keep in mind these are paired plans, so you'll need to have a handset on EE to begin with.

9. Apple Watch Series 6

From: Vitality

Now: Included with qualifying health insurance plans  (Free if health target reached)

If you're looking for private health insurance, business health insurance or life insurance, you can now get an Apple Watch 6 with your plan from a £37 deposit. If you hit 160+ Vitality activity points a month, there’s nothing more to pay.

Keep in mind, there's a minimum premium of £45 per month for life insurance on a 36-month term.

10. Apple Watch Series 6 (40mm)

From: Amazon

Was: £319

Now: £229  (£90 off)

Bag the last gen Watch 6 for under £300 at Amazon's Spring Sale!

11. Apple Watch Series 6 (44mm, Cellular)

From: Amazon

Was: £509

Now: £299  (£210 off)

Amazon's just slashed £210 off the Watch Series 6 with Cellular connectivity.

How much did the Apple Watch Series 6 cost at launch?

At launch, the Apple Watch Series 6 started at £379 for GPS-only models, but how much you'll pay depends on a combination of size, connectivity and watch strap. Here are the baseline prices:

  • Apple Watch Series 6 (40mm): £379 / US$399 / AUD$599
  • Apple Watch Series 6 (44mm): £409 / US$429 / AUD$649

The price jumps up an additional £100 if you’re interested in cellular connectivity. It’s worth noting that you’ll likely also have to pay an additional monthly cost for cellular connectivity, although just how much depends on the network provider you sign up to.

  • Apple Watch Series 6 (40mm, cellular): £479 / US$499 / AUD$749
  • Apple Watch Series 6 (44mm, cellular): £509 / US$529 / AUD$799

If you're looking for something even more affordable, why not consider the mid-range Apple Watch SE or the entry-level Apple Watch Series 3? If you’re not heavily invested in the Apple ecosystem, there are plenty of great smartwatch deals available throughout the year.

Is the Apple Watch Series 6 still worth buying?

Definitely. It might have been replaced in Apple's line-up by the Watch Series 7, but the Series 6 is still one of the best smartwatches you can buy. It offers everything most iOS users are looking for in a wearable, including an attractive display, great performance and a wide range of health-focused features.

The handful of upgrades on Apple's latest flagship watch are unlikely to have a big effect on your experience. These include a brighter and larger display (thanks to smaller bezels), IP6X dust resistance and fast charging support. If you can live without these things, it's worth saving some money.

Read our full Apple Watch Series 6 review to learn more.

Should I buy refurbished?

With big Apple Watch Series 6 still relatively rare, the only place you'll see bigger discounts is on refurbished models. Some might see this as another word for 'second hand', but in reality many of these devices have barely been used at all.

Remember, if a product has been used for demonstration purposes or returned as an unwanted gift, retailers must classify them as 'refurbished' despite looking and performing just like new. It's true that there are situations where a fault has been fixed, so it's worth checking the description for any device you're considering buying. 

There are two key places to go if you're looking for a refurbished Apple Watch. The first is the Apple Refurbished Store, with devices refurbished to an excellent standard. MusicMagpie is a great alternative though, and typically has a greater range to choose from. 

See more in our guide to refurbished tech. Interested in more great offers? Check out our round-up of the best smartwatch deals right now.