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Miriam Harris is a contributor to Tech Advisor.

Articles by Miriam Harris

  • Smart tech that can reduce your household bills


    Our list of smart gadgets & tech tips can minimise your electricity and water bills, and help save the planet

    13 Oct 2017

  • How to take 360-degree photos on Facebook


    We show you how to take and upload 360-degree photos to Facebook from Google app Street View and using your iPhone and Android.

    27 Jul 2016

  • How to use Facebook Slideshow

    facebookslideshow thumbnail

    Facebook Slideshow is a feature available to all iOS users as a way to share photos in video format

    27 Jul 2016

  • Anker SoundCore Sport XL Bluetooth speaker review

    ankersoundcoresportxl thumbnail

    The SoundCore Sport XL speaker will give you durability and an impressive Bluetooth range for £54.99. Find out how it performs in a crowded market.

    26 Jul 2016

  • How to buy Furby Connect in the UK

    furby connect thumbnail

    Furby Connect will be available to buy from UK stores this autumn, so we let you know what to expect and where you can preorder.

    21 Jul 2016

  • Best quiet appliances for your home

    dualit classic kettle thumbnail168

    Finding quiet home appliances can be difficult and time consuming, so we’ve put together a list of some of the best in the UK.

    19 Jul 2016

  • Top 10 luxury gadgets


    Here are 10 tech gadgets with hefty price tags you’ll never justify, but want to drool over anyway.

    22 Jun 2016

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